Hillstone X9180 Data Center Firewall

The Hillstone X9180 Data Center Firewall offers outstanding performance, reliability, and scalability, for high-speed service providers, large enterprises and carrier networks. The product is based on an innovative fully distributed architecture that fully implements firewalls with high throughput, concurrent connections, and new sessions. Hillstone X9180 also supports large-capacity virtual firewalls, providing flexible security services for virtualized environments, and features such as application identification, traffic management, intrusion prevention, and attack prevention to fully protect data center network security.


Hillstone X10800 Data Center Firewall

The Next Big Thing for Data Center Security

By 2021, Cisco predicts that global network traffic will grow to 20 ZB, with cloud-based data centers to carry 94% of the workload. This exponential traffic growth continuously exacts high performance requirements in security services.

The Hillstone X10800 is based on a fully-distributed architecture. The architecture is future proven to support up to 7 Tbps Firewall throughput. It is built with a full-blown next-gen firewall services, advanced threat prevention capabilities and multi-tenancy features. With its 12 slots, Hillstone X10800 supports 100GE high-density interfaces and intelligent security services. Its fully redundant design at all levels guarantees carrier-grade reliability.

“The new platform from Hillstone presents up to 1 Tbps for firewall throughput in our tests, with support for complete business continuity based on Active/Active and Firewall Twin Mode deployment options. On top of this, we’ve seen great business scalability along with great user experience. With 10 million new sessions per second, with a maximum of 480 million concurrent sessions, it definitely is the game changing platform.”

–Zhu Liu, Area Manager, Ixia Solutions Group, Keysight Technologies

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Hillstone CloudView: Cloud-based Security Management and Analytics Platform

Hillstone CloudView is a cloud-based security management and analytics platform which provides SaaS security services across the Hillstone E-Series Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW), T-Series Intelligent Next-Generation Firewalls (iNGFW), S-Series Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS), I-Series Server Breach Detection System (sBDS), and Hillstone Virtual NGFW CloudEdge. The Hillstone CloudView service empowers security administrators to take swift action with real-time centralized monitoring of multiple devices, traffic and threat analytics, real-time alarms, as well as comprehensive reporting and log retention. With the 24/7 mobile and web access from anywhere on any devices, it delivers optimal customer experience along with optimized security management and operational efficiency.


Hillstone I-Series Server Breach Detection System(sBDS)

The Hillstone Server Breach Detection System (sBDS) adopts multiple threat detection technologies that include both traditional signature-based technology as well as large-scale threat intelligent data modeling and user behavioral analytics modeling, which provides an ideal solution to detect unknown or 0-day threat attacks, to protect high-value, critical servers and their sensitive data from being leaked or stolen. Together with deep threat hunting analysis capabilities and visibility, Hillstone sBDS provides security admins the effective means to detect IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) events, restore the threat attack kill chain and provide extensive visibility into threat intelligence analysis and mitigations


Hillstone CloudEdge License Management Solution (LMS)

Hillstone License Management System (LMS) is a dedicated license management solution for CloudEdge deployment in virtualized environments. The LMS solution breaks the limitation of existing appliance-based license management solutions and provides cloud service providers (CSPs) a more flexible, efficient and automatic solution to centrally manage license for the CloudEdge virtual appliances deployed inside their cloud, no matter the deployment scenario and environment.


Hillstone Cloud-Sandbox

Advanced Malware has become so sophisticated that it can easily evade traditional security solutions including firewalls, IPS and Anti-Virus technologies. To address advanced malware, the Hillstone Cloud Sandbox delivers a unique, advanced threat detection platform that can emulate the execution environment and analyze all activities related to malicious files, identify advanced threats and collaborate with existing solutions to provide rapid remediation.


Hillstone E1000-Series Next-Generation Firewall

The Hillstone E-1000 Series Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) provides comprehensive and granular visibility and control of applications. It can identify and prevent potential threats associated with high-risk applications while providing policy-based control over applications, users, and user-groups. Policies can be defined that guarantee bandwidth to mission-critical applications while restricting or blocking unauthorized or malicious applications. The Hillstone E-1000 Series NGFW incorporates comprehensive network security and advanced firewall features, provides superior price performance, excellent energy efficiency, and comprehensive threat prevention capability.


Hillstone E2000-Series Next-Generation Firewall

The Hillstone E-2000 Series Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) provides comprehensive and granular visibility and control of applications. It can identify and prevent potential threats associated with high-risk applications while providing policy-based control over applications, users, and user-groups. Policies can be defined that guarantee bandwidth to mission-critical applications while restricting or blocking unauthorized or malicious applications. The Hillstone E-2000 Series NGFW incorporates comprehensive network security and advanced firewall features, provides superior price performance, excellent energy efficiency, and comprehensive threat prevention capability.


Hillstone E3000-Series Next-Generation Firewall

The Hillstone E-3000 Series Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) provides comprehensive and granular visibility and control of applications. It can identify and prevent potential threats associated with high-risk applications while providing policy-based control over applications, users, and user-groups. Policies can be defined that guarantee bandwidth to mission-critical applications while restricting or blocking unauthorized or malicious applications. The Hillstone E-3000 Series NGFW incorporates comprehensive network security and advanced firewall features, provides superior price performance, excellent energy efficiency, and comprehensive threat prevention capability.


Hillstone E5000-Series Next-Generation Firewall

The Hillstone E-5000 Series Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) provides comprehensive and granular visibility and control of applications. It can identify and prevent potential threats associated with high-risk applications while providing policy-based control over applications, users, and user-groups. Policies can be defined that guarantee bandwidth to mission-critical applications while restricting or blocking unauthorized or malicious applications. The Hillstone E-5000 Series NGFW incorporates comprehensive network security and advanced firewall features, provides superior price performance, excellent energy efficiency, and comprehensive threat prevention capability.


Hillstone E6000-Series Next-Generation Firewall

The Hillstone E-16000 Series Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) provides comprehensive and granular visibility and control of applications. It can identify and prevent potential threats associated with high-risk applications while providing policy-based control over applications, users, and user-groups. Policies can be defined that guarantee bandwidth to mission-critical applications while restricting or blocking unauthorized or malicious applications. The Hillstone E-6000 Series NGFW incorporates comprehensive network security and advanced firewall features, provides superior price performance, excellent energy efficiency, and comprehensive threat prevention capability.


Hillstone Network Intrusion Prevention System (S-Series)

As the threat landscape continues to evolve aggressively, an increasing number of network protection technologies have quickly emerged. Among these various technologies, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) remains one of the most widely deployed solutions, regardless of platform or form factor.


Hillstone CloudEdge: Virtual Next-Generation Firewall

Businesses have been harnessing the advantages of virtualization for faster and more efficient, on-demand delivery of IT resources, but are still grappling with security in these dynamic virtual environments where virtual machines constantly get added, changed or moved, and visibility and security enforcement remain a challenge. Hillstone CloudEdge addresses this security gap and provides a complete virtual firewall solution available in a software form-factor. Hillstone CloudEdge provides advanced security services across Layer 2-7, in addition to core firewall features. It can be deployed via Cloud Management Platforms (CMPs) as a “Firewall as a Service” for a multi-tenant solution in the virtual environment. CloudEdge is also deployed as a security gateway for Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in the public cloud.


Hillstone CloudHive: Micro-segmentation Solution for the Cloud

Hillstone CloudHive provides micro-segmentation technologyto secure each virtual machine (VM) in cloud deployments. It provides comprehensive visibility of East-West traffic and provides complete protection to stop lateral attacks between VMs. In addition, the CloudHive security service can scale easily to meet demand without business interruption.


Hillstone Security Audit Platform

Hillstone Security Management Platform

Hillstone’s Security Manager enhances network security by allowing businesses to segment their networks into multiple virtual domains. Domains can be based on geography, business unit or security function. It provides the versatility needed to manage Hillstone’s infrastructure while simplifying configuration, accelerating deployment cycles, and reducing management overhead.


Hillstone T-Series Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall

Hillstone’s T-Series intelligent Next-Generation Firewall (iNGFW) uses three key technologies to detect advanced attacks and provide continuous threat defense for today’s networks. First, it uses statistical clustering to detect unknown malware, leveraging the patented Hillstone Advanced Threat Detection engine (ATD). Second, it uses behavioral analytics to detect anomalous network behavior, which is based on the Hillstone Abnormal Behavior Detection engine (ABD). Finally, it leverages the Hillstone threat correlation analysis engine to correlate threat events detected by disparate engines – including ATD, ABD, Sandbox and other traditional signature-based threat detection technologies – along with context information to identify advanced threats.


Hillstone E-Series Next-Generation Firewall

Hillstone E-Series next generation firewalls provide visibility and control of web applications regardless of port, protocol, or evasive action. It can identify and prevent potential threats associated with high-risk applications while providing policy-based control over applications, users, and user-groups.


Hillstone X7180 Data Center Firewall

The Hillstone X7180 Data Center Firewall offers outstanding performance, reliability, and scalability, for high-speed service providers, large enterprises and carrier networks. It provides flexible firewall security for multi-tenant cloud-based security-as-a-service environments.


SMBGhost Analysis_Microsoft SMBv3 Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

The SMB protocol is the protocol that WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware worms used in 2017. Using vulnerabilities targeting the SMB server, unauthenticated attackers can send specially crafted packets to the target SMBv3 server. To exploit the vulnerabilities targeted at the SMB client, an authenticated attacker will need to configure a malicious SMBv3 server and trick users into connecting to it.


Hillstone Security for the Healthcare Industry-HIPAA Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare organizations and the information they keep are particularly sensitive to attacks and intrusions because the correct functioning of their information systems and infrastructures is critical to the health of their patients. Grave injury and death may result from a network, computer system, or application outage, potentially caused by a security breach such as a DOS attack or an unauthorized network intrusion. Health information can be stolen for monetary or criminal purposes.


AI Driven Threat Defense: The Next Frontier in Cyber Security

Anyone who follows the state of cybersecurity understands that cyber attacks have increased, becoming ever more targeted, elusive, and damaging. Emerging technologies, like the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and hybrid cloud computing, are expanding the attack surface, making detection and understanding the full scope of today’s attacks much more challenging. Today, the enterprise security strategy needs to shift from pre-breach prevention to fast, post-breach detection and mitigation.


Hillstone SD-WAN_Uncompromising Edge Security

IT teams today find themselves in a post-breach world where the edge is both an opportunity and a threat. Networking teams are faced with requirements to quickly stand up new sites in diverse locations, provision bandwidth at those sites costeffectively, and ensure that the network is more reliable than before. At the same time, new threats, innovative malware, intelligent phishing attacks, and disparate insecure IoT devices put pressure on security teams to ensure improved visibility, compliance, and protection at the edge. The software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) is a new solution platform that promises to solve all these problems, but the key to success is picking the right SD-WAN solution.


CloudHive and VMware NSX–Advanced Threat Prevention for the Software-Defined Data Center

Hillstone’s CloudHIve integrates tightly with VMware’s NSX and SDDC to provide the visibility, automation, scalability and comprehensive L1-7 security at the virtual level needed to identify and remediate today’s advanced SDDC breaches and attacks. Thanks to CloudHive and VMware SDDC, organizations can reap all the business advantages of the software defined data center without exposing themselves to additional business risk.


EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance With Hillstone Security that Works

This paper discusses GDPR requirements to secure and protect the personal data of EU individuals. GDPR compliance is required of all companies who interact with EU individuals, and process or store their data, regardless of the physical location or ownership of the company. Hillstone’s comprehensive Security that Works solutions—reducing your enterprise’s attack surface along the perimeter, on servers, and in the cloud, along with powerful but simplified management—are essential to your organizations’ compliance with the GDPR directives concerning data protection, secure data access, secure storage, secure data processing, breach and leakage prevention, and breach detection and reporting.


An Introduction to the Hillstone Networks Server Breach Detection Solution

Sophisticated, targeted cyberattacks, such as ransomware, have become the biggest threats to modern society, as well business. Attackers often exploit security vulnerabilities in traditional static, rule-based cyber defense technologies that are usually deployed at the network perimeter. Malware and viruses designed by these hackers breach into the intranet of the corporate networks and hibernate for certain periods of time, looking for and identifying high valued targets inside the corporate network (such as database servers), then try to gain access to these servers and ultimately steal valuable data and other information or demand ransom by disrupting normal business operations.


CloudEdge For Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Solutions

With the advancing technologies, business applications and operations naturally have become more dynamic in order to adapt. New applications or business operations are created almost every day. In addition to adding new applications, removing or modifying applications and operations happen at a similar speed. However, traditional hardware-based data centers and networks could not meet the requirements of these highly dynamic changes, as hardware infrastructure cannot be adjusted at the same speed as applications.


Hillstone CloudHive: Micro-segmentación de Seguridad para Centros de Datos Virtualizados

Como los centros de datos han evolucionado desde lo físico a lo virtual, de empresarial a la nube, los problemas de seguridad que enfrentan han evolucionado también. Algunas de las tendencias que han cambiado la naturaleza de la seguridad del centro de datos incluyen: Multi-Alquiler, Multi-nube, Norte-Sur al Este-Oeste, SDN y NFV, Movilidad y Elasticidad.


Hillstone Twin-Mode Solución de Firewall para Centros de Datos Redundantes

A medida que más empresas confían en disponibilidad 24/7/365 para sus aplicaciones, el diseño de los centros de datos redundantes con conmutación por error se han vuelto cada vez más populares. Hasta hace poco, muchos de los firewall más sofisticados eran incapaces de garantizar la seguridad completa en un entorno de centro de datos redundantes.


Detección y Prevensión de Ransomware con Firewall Inteligente de Hillstone Next-Generation

El Viernes Negro de 2016, un poderoso ataque de ransomware cerró sistema de tren ligero Muni de San Francisco, amenazando con destruir más de 30 GB críticos de la base de datos, correo electrónico, capacitación del personal, nómina, venta de entradas y otros datos del sistema, a menos que Muni pagara a la autores 100 Bitcoin (valor aproximado de US $ 70,000). Muni se negó, desconectando su sistema de boletas durante dos días, y forzando a la agencia de absorber miles de pasajes libres.


Hillstone Twin-Mode Firewall Solution for Redundant Data Centers

As more enterprises rely on 24/7/365 application availability, redundant data center design with application failover has become increasingly widespread. Until recently, many of the e ven most sophisticated firewalls were incapable of ensuring full security in a redundant data center environment. Hillstone’s Next Generation Firewalls now address this issue head on with their Firewall Twin-Mode feature, which links redundant firewall pairs across data centers to maintain full security for all redundant data center traffic flows. Thanks to Hillstone Firewall Twin-Mode , enterprises can achieve 24/7/365 business continuity and disaster recovery without any gaps in data center security.


Ransomware–Detection and Prevention via Hillstone’s Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall

On Black Friday 2016, a powerful ransomware attack slammed San Francisco’s Muni light rail system, threatening to destroy more than 30GB of critical database, email, staff training, payroll, ticketing and other system data, unless Muni paid perpetrators 100 Bitcoin (worth roughly $70,000). Muni refused, throwing its ticketing system offline for two days, and forcing the agency to absorb thousands of free passenger rides.

Cisco’s 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report, declares ransomware “the most profitable malware type in history,” echoing other studies that have tracked ransomware’s rapid ascendance to one of the most prevalent and virulent enterprise security threats across all business sectors. According to a June 2016 Osterman Research survey, almost one out of every three surveyed organizations suffered a ransomware attack in the previous 12 months.


The Evolution of Security for Cloud Data Centers: Micro-segmentation Technology

As datacenters have evolved from physical to virtual, enterprise to cloud, the security challenges they face have evolved as well. Some of the trends that have changed the nature of datacenter security include: Multi-tenancy, Multi-cloud, North-South to East-West, SDN and NFV, as well as Mobility and elasticity.


Firewall Inteligente de Próxima Generación de Hillstone Networks Detección de Amenazas Post-Brechas Utilizando la Cyber Cadena de la Muerte

The cyber threat landscape has evolved from traditional “hit and smash” type of attacks to more sophisticated, targeted and well-coordinated techniques aiming to El ámbito de la amenaza cibernética ha evolucionado del tipo tradicional de “golpear y aplastar” a los ataques más sofisticados, específicos y técnicos, bien coordinados con el objetivo de robar valiosos datos corporativos y los secretos de estado o secretos personales. Estos ataques cibernéticos causan enormes daños financieros y políticos a las empresas, instituciones y agencias gubernamentales en todo el mundo.


Whitepaper: Hillstone S-Series Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS) PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance

This paper discusses PCI DSS 3.2 security requirements compliance of cardholder information when it is transmitted electronically across private and public network connections and how Hillstone’s S-Series Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS) appliance can help your organization comply with these requirements.


Hillstone iNGFW White Paper: Threat Correlations on Hillstone intelligent Next-Generation Firewall Connecting the Dots

Today’s cyber attackers have become ever more sophisticated, using targeted, persistent, stealthy and multi-phased attacks in order to avoid detection at network perimeters through traditional security measures.


iNGFW-Test Report by Gawain

The landscape for enterprise IT has changed in the new era; internet access has become more and more sophisticated. For many enterprises, a fast and robust network has become a basic working condition. The manner in which employees use the network and their satisfaction levels have also changed dramatically.


Hillstone Networks intelligent Next-Generation Firewall: Detecting Post-Breach Threats Using the Cyber Kill Chain

The cyber threat landscape has evolved from traditional “hit and smash” type of attacks to more sophisticated, targeted and well-coordinated techniques aiming to steal valuable corporate data and state or personal secrets. These cyberattacks cause enormous financial and political damages to corporations, institutions and government agencies worldwide.


Hillstone iNGFW White Paper: A Hybrid Approach to Detect Malicious Web Crawlers

A web crawler (also called web spider, web robot) is typically a script or computer program that browses the targeted website in an orderly and automated manner. It is an important method for collecting information on the Internet and is a critical component of search engine technology. Most popular search engines, such as GoogleBot and BaiduSpider, use underlying web crawlers to get the latest data on the internet.


Hillstone iNGFW White Paper: Intelligence Driven Defense

Cyber-security has gone from a niche IT issue to a boardroom priority. Senior executives and boards of directors are no longer complacent about the risks posed by data breaches and cyber attacks. They know that a breach of confidential information can damage brand or reputation, trigger class-action lawsuits and cause costly downtime. They also know that data breaches are thrusting organizations into the media spotlight, as new regulations require public disclosure of security breaches – especially if cardholder data or personally identifiable information is exposed.


Hillstone iNGFW White Paper: Advanced Security Correlation Analytics

Information security incidents may happen due to a lack of data availability, integrity or confidentiality. Many security vendors have conducted considerable research to determine how best to protect data. Many current security products and technologies—such as firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems, strong authentication access control mechanisms, virtual private networks, public key infrastructure—arose from these efforts. Businesses around the world deploy security products and technologies to identify, and defend themselves against, information security breaches.


Gartner & Hillstone: Intelligent Next-Generation Firewalls

Addressing Today’s Advanced Threats
As cybercriminals get more advanced and the cloud becomes an extension of the network, protecting IT assets becomes more difficult—and more important. Intelligent Next-Generation Firewalls (iNGFW) can address advanced threats and shift the protection paradigm.


Prevent Data Breaches with Analytics and Network Intelligence

If your organization is connected to the Internet, it’s vulnerable to attack. The days of staving off Internet security hazards with traditional firewall, intrusion prevention, and antivirus systems have passed. This paper discusses the advantages of Hillstone’s Intelligent Next-Generation firewall technology.


Hillstone T-Series Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall Whitepaper: Configuration and Operation Analysis using Packet Route Inspection

This paper describes the packet inspection analysis and troubleshooting capabilities of the Hillstone T-Series Intelligent Next Generation Firewall (iNGFW). The firewall automatically traces and collects information on packet processing and inspection.


Hillstone Next-Generation Firewall Whitepaper: Enhanced Intelligent QoS

This paper describes the unique Enhanced Intelligent QoS (iQoS) capabilities of the Hillstone Next Generation Firewall (NGFW). Compared to traditional QoS, iQoS is equipped with rich features including two-layer and eight-level tunnel embedding, tunnel monitoring, priority based differentiated services and allocation of remaining bandwidth.


Hillstone T-Series Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall Whitepaper: Abnormal Behavior Analysis

This paper describes the Abnormal Behavior Analysis capability of the Hillstone Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall (iNGFW) product. This technology offers a cutting-edge method of detecting unknown threats by analyzing user and server traffic, tracking a myriad of traffic parameters, and correlating and comparing the gathered data to limit risk and reveal potential new threats. Over a period of system learning, each tracked parameter generates a baseline, as well as high and low thresholds. Subsequent behavior patterns violating these thresholds are deemed abnormal and the system generates a threat warning. The correlation of time, parameters exhibiting abnormal behavior, and system warnings enable you to recognize and prevent potential new threats in advance of them impacting your network operation or applications.


Bank of China Macau Selects Hillstone Networks to Deliver 24/7/365 Availability Without Security Compromise

Established in June of 1950 as “Nam Tung Bank,” the Bank of China in Macau (BOCM) became the 9th overseas branch of Bank of China on New Year’s Day, 37 years later in 1987. BOCM delivers a full range of banking services, including corporate and personal banking, as well as related financial services. It currently manages 36 sub-branches with assets totalling over 600 Billion in MOP, owning over 40 percent of the local market share in mainstream businesses such as savings, loans and profit.


Norbert Wiener University Embraces Layered Security from Hillstone Networks

Founded in 1996, Norbert Wiener Private University is part of a family of prestigious educational institutions based in South America. Norbert Wiener University is the first in Peru and Latin America that obtained the ISO quality certification. Focused on the training of professionals at the service of society, Wiener University currently has an enrollment of more than 10,000 students, along with faculty in the health sciences, pharmacy and biochemistry, engineering, business, as well as law and political science.


University Relies on Hillstone Networks to Address Scale and CyberSecurity

Instituto Tecnológico Bolivariano is an accredited Institution of Higher Education in Ecuador. It is inclusive and recognized for its leadership, commitment to academic quality and excellence. It has mission to deliver critical and innovative education and training of technical professionals and technologists with a focus on the development of the environment, economic progress and social welfare of Ecuador. Currently, the ITB is one of the largest educational institutes in the country, with 10,000 students enrolled, and its continued growth is remarkable,


Hillstone Networks Strengthens Security for Macao Water Supply Against Growing Cyberthreats

Established in 1935, the Macao Water Supply Company Limited (Macao Water) was awarded with the “Extended Contract for the Concession of the Public Utility Service of Water Supplying in the Macao SAR” in 2009 for 20 years, with another 11 years remaining to 2030. Macao Water’ s mission is to contribute to the growth and prosperity of Macao by building strong, mutually beneficial relationships with its customers while creating value for all stakeholders.


The Ministry of Labor in San Salvador Safeguards Citizens and Operations with Hillstone Networks

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in San Salvador is a governing institution of public administration, covering matters of Labor and Social Welfare, and guarantor of labor rights that are based on dialogue and social consensus within a framework of equity and social justice. Within its institutional axes, the Ministry guarantees employment opportunities, promotes equal work, builds bridges between the labor sector and union organizations and provides quality services in public management.


Regional Government of the Amazon relies on Hillstone for Securing its Critical Assets

The Regional Government of the Amazon is a legal public entity in Peru, with administrative, political and economic autonomy. Its mission is to work for the economic development of the region through the efficient management of financial, human and material resources. They achieve this through initiatives in the public and private sector, as well as the civil society.


ISP Achieves Business Growth and Customer Trust with a Security Platform from Hillstone Networks

One of the largest Internet Service Providers (ISP) in Colombia, this Hillstone customer has been in business for more than ten years in the market with a national operation. The ISP is a market leader in the country, managing connectivity for more than 100 municipalities, approximately 3600 corporate clients, as well as managing operations for 145,000 customers.


Hillstone Help FEDCO achieve network security and quality of service for its headquarters and 35 branch offices

FEDCO was founded in 1979 in Barranquilla, Colombia. In 1990, taking full advantage of the economic growth, FEDCO reorganized the company from the bottom, professionalized its operations and began opening stores in intermediate cities, ultimately transforming the brand through much effort and dedication into a national chain leader in imported goods. Over the years, FEDCO has grown to 35 exclusive stores in the top 13 cities in Colombia. It also has a virtual store with national coverage across more than 690 delivery destinations. In addition, FEDCO has created a wholesale business unit, with products imported from the United States, Europe and Latin America, acting as distributor and exclusive representative of top multi-national companies and retail stores.


Hillstone Networks Secures the Network for Purmerendse Schools Group (PSG) with High Performance Intelligent Next Gen Firewalls

The Purmerendse Schools Group (PSG) provides a wide range of education and training courses in secondary education for the Waterland region, in the Netherlands. It consists of six schools with an active enrollment of approximately 4000 students. The schools provide public or special education, and each location uses a diverse pedagogical-didactic approach.


Brazil Telco MHNet Deploys Robust and Resilient CGNAT Solution with Hillstone Networks

MHNet Telecom was originally founded in 2002, in the city of Maravilha, in the west of Santa Catarina, Brazil, with the goal of becoming the first internet service provider for the region. Today, MHNet has become one of the pioneers in building a fiber optic network in the region, offering solutions in digital radio, fiber optics, IP telephony and cable TV, and providing residential and business Internet, web site hosting, corporate intranet and VPN services.


Energy Company Achieved 99.99 Percent Network Availability with Hillstone’s Solution

The customer is an Energy Company that holds a monopoly on electricity transmission and distribution in LATAM. It operates the national transmission grid, composed of 27,000 miles of high voltage lines, 28,000 miles of medium voltage lines, and 370,000 miles of low voltage distribution lines.


University Deploys Hillstone CloudEdge Virtual NGFW on the Array AVX Series for an Elastic and High-Performance Security Platform

The integrated solution from Hillstone and Array addresses the challenges faced by the university. A network function virtualization solution that meets all the requirements without performance compromise is now helping the campus deliver on their mission and serve their staff and students in a timely and secure way.


La compañía Startup LinkTime de Alta Tecnología asegura negocios a través de plataformas en la nube pública AWS y Alicloud con Hillstonet Networks

LinkTime, una empresa de alta tecnología y rápido crecimiento, se centra en el desarrollo de grandes datos, computación en la nube y tecnología de aplicaciones móviles, y con ese fin, proporciona una gran plataforma de análisis de datos para los desarrolladores de software y empresas relacionadas.


Garrat-Callahan reduce el acceso a aplicaciónes en la nube de 45 minutos a una conexión instantánea

El negocio de Garratt-Callahan Company estaba creciendo y necesitaba acelerar el desempeño de la red de la compañía así como resolver los desafíos de calidad de servicio (QoS por su sigla en inglés) del entorno legado. Después de implementar el firewall de próxima generación de Hillstone, Garratt-Callahan logró reducir los tiempos de conexión de varios minutos a segundos, mejorando enormemente la productividad de sus empleados y los niveles de servicio al cliente.


Tier-1 Internet Service Provider Using Hillstone X7180 Data Center Firewall Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT) Service to Support 10 Million Users

The Tier-1 internet service provider is a global leading telecommunication company, offering extensive information technology services. It provides comprehensive solutions across a wide range of services including landline to mobile, narrowband to wideband, personal demand to industrial information, among others. It operates both a 3G wireless broadband network and a 4G-LTE network simultaneously, bringing voice and data services to millions of retail and enterprise customers.


High-Tech Startup LinkTime Secures Business Across Public Cloud Platforms AWS and Alicloud with Hillstonet Networks

LinkTime, a fast growing high-tech startup, is focused on developing big data, cloud computing and mobile application technology, and to that end, provides a big data analysis platform to software developers and enterprises. LinkTime has research and development centers in both the US and China. Deployed in a dynamic startup environment, their servers and applications run in the cloud in their respective public cloud platforms. In China, the team uses Alibaba Cloud (Alicloud), which is the largest public cloud platform, and in the China market, its performance has been measured to be superior over AWS and Azure. In the US, LinkTime uses Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Dubai International School Delivers Optimal Network Quality and Performance with Hillstone NGFW Solution

Founded in 1985, Dubai International School is located in the heart of Dubai and situated in the Al Garhood area. Together with its branch in Bur-Dubai (Nad Al-Sheba area), the school serves the most populated areas in Dubai and the Northern Emirates.


McDonalds Macau Gains Visibility and Security of its Network Infrastructure with Hillstone Networks

The IT team at Macau McDonald’s manages a data center that supports thirty McDonald’s restaurants across Macau and two nearby cities, ZhuHai and ZhongShan, using routers for site-to-site VPN tunneling to provide services to their employees. The team manages the day-to-day operations that keep McDonalds a popular destination for both residents, as well as tourists. The data center is comprised of core business systems and applications that include HR, ordering and supply chain management. The IT team’s mandate is to have a secure network connection for the employees in order to conduct business. Not having secure access would mean that business transactions would be at risk, thereby impacting not only productivity, but also sales and revenue. In addition, the IT team requires full visibility into the network traffic, application and user information. Having this visibility ensures control of the network and its security.


University of Cordoba Secures Its Campus Data Center with Hillstone intelligent NGFW

The University of Córdoba is one of the top public colleges in Colombia. It offers a broad range of undergraduate programs underpinned by world-class research, including the field of basic sciences, associated agro-industrial production, engineering, social sciences, social, education and health. It has more than 12,000 students, supported by more than 550 academic staff.


Peking University Launches Cloud-based Campus Secured by Hillstone Networks CloudHive Solution

Peking University is one of China’s most prestigious universities, located in Beijing. Founded as the Imperial University of Peking in 1898, it is the first modern national university established in China. The university consists of 30 colleges and 12 departments, with approximately 35,950 students and 6441 staff.


Hillstone CloudHive Secures Private Cloud for a Large Provincial Government

A large provincial government who runs a private cloud with over 30 servers and over 300 virtual machines running VMWare ESXi 5.5 and 6.0. The cloud platform primarily provides web hosting and e-government services to its 50 plus subsidiary government departments located in disparate places.


CNTV – China’s Premier Broadcaster Selects Hillstone Networks to Ensure the Quality of Broadcasts

China Network Television (CNTV) is a national web-based TV broadcaster in China. With a network of over 45 channels broadcasting various programs, it is accessible to more than one billion viewers across China. CNTV programs include news, documentaries, entertainment as well as dramas. Operationally, CNTV engages in online broadcasting and video program production, media system research and development, live broadcasts of the nation’s major events, as well as services such as running public opinion monitoring systems. The IT team at CNTV must ensure that services are always up and running and that the billion viewers are satisfied with the service levels provided.


Garrat-Callahan reduces cloud application access from 45 minutes to near-instant with Hillstone

Garratt-Callahan Company’s business was growing and it needed to accelerate the company’s network performance as well as resolve legacy environment Quality of Service (QoS) challenges. After deploying Hillstone’s Next-Generation Firewall, Garratt-Callahan was able to reduce network connection times from several minutes to mere seconds, vastly improving employee productivity and client service levels.


The Hillstone and VMware Joint Solution

The deep integration between CloudHive and VMware NSX addresses the challenges faced in deploying secure SDDC solutions in today’s dynamic data centers against the backdrop of cyber threats faced by businesses everywhere. Customers can now reap the full benefits of a true software defined data center, without compromising security.


The Hillstone and Flowmon Joint Solution

Hillstone and Flowmon join forces to allow customers to build complete cybersecurity platform. The joint network security solution, consisting of the Hillstone Networks Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall (iNGFW) and Flowmon Anomaly Detection System (ADS), can effectively intercept cyber threats from the Internet and internal networks, defend against modern network attacks, and comprehensively monitor and protect the overall network security posture.


The Hillstone and Array Joint Solution

The joint solution from Hillstone Networks and Array Networks brings together the robust security benefits of the Hillstone CloudEdge Virtual Next Generation Firewall with the agility and performance of the Array Network Functions Platform to address today’s challenges with advanced threat protection that is both scalable and cost-effective.


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Hillstone CloudHive and NSX Joint Solution

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