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This technology will reshape our business model, and will lead us into a whole new market with a differentiated message to our customers.

Mr. Alfonso Oliva Rivero
Getecom’s chief technology officer

Hillstone Helps Getecom Drive Competitive Advantage with FWaaS solution

Hillstone delivers FWaaS offering to drive differentiation in services and
deploy CGNAT capabilities for IPv6 migration.

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Generación Tecnológica de Comunicaciones, S.L. (Getecom)


Telecommunications Consultancy and Engineering, ISP


Headquartered in Guadalajara, Spain


ISP, network infrastructure, systems and telecommunications engineering and PBX solutions


4 locations across Spain; global operations


Differentiate offerings through NGFW-as-a-Service; address IPv4 exhaustion in data center and client sites


  • Increase market share and customer retention through a new, hosted cybersecurity offering
  • Reduction of costs and increased efficiency through consolidated management and monitoring
  • Protect client networks from cyberthreats through advanced features
  • Maintain and extend the life of existing IPv4 investments while supporting IPv6 migration


High-quality and reliable FWaaS and CGNAT offerings increased customer satisfaction and market share; customers praise the security, performance and flexibility of the solution.