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Today technology has become essential in any strategic plan of organizations, but we also know that it is available for malicious purposes. Having Hillstone on our side gives us peace of mind knowing that we are prepared for any malicious threat.

Edwin Monzón
Head of the Networking and Data Center Universidad Nacional de Trujillo

Reshaping Security at the National University of Trujillo, Peru

Major South American University modernizes their security framework with layered security services from Hillstone Networks. With this new solution, they are able to protect vital and critical resources, and achieve compliance with government regulation and industry best practices.

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National University of Trujillo


Higher Education


Northwestern Peru


16,000 students, 45 undergrad programs


Modernizing security infrastructure to better protect all network resources against threats and to meet government best practices.


  • Secure data center against leaks and breaches
  • Meet best practices mandated by federal government agency
  • Provide layered security infrastructure across local and remote campus locations with high availability


A layered security architecture with Hillstone NGFWs, server breach detection, and IPS to update and upgrade security while meeting government security mandates