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Two Partner Types,
One Goal, Success.

Hillstone Partners

Customer Trust Partners. Partners Trust Hillstone.

Hillstone customers look to our network of Hillstone Authorized partners for their expertise and professionalism in solving today’s complex security challenges.

Hillstone Networks Partner Perspectives

“Hillstone virtual NGFW secure our remote workforce”

CEO, IT Services

“Having a partner like Hillstone Networks is a privilege to be able to support our partners and customers in carrying out more secure organizational transformations.”

Reseller Chile

“Hillstone's solutions adapt very dynamically to the different environments that the market needs today. Collaborating from ITC to our market together with Hillstone is a privilege.”

Reseller Chile

“...[Hillstone] is a company with strong values that presents innovative security solutions and supports partners and customers with excellent pre- and post-sales and technical support.”

Reseller Brasil

“Hillstone NGFW — Excellent price/performance value.”

Product Manager, IT Partners Security

“Hillstone NIPS — Great device that do not interfere with the performance of the user's network.”

Product Manager, IT Partners Security

“Hillstone NIPS — Several customers who reported that they had no intention of changing their current device decided to use the NIPS device when they learned about many threats on their local network behind their current NGFW.”

Product Manager, IT Partners Security

“Hillstone HSM — A centralized platform that customers are able to effortlessly manage their branch locations and devices.”

Product Manager, IT Partners Security

“Hillstone vHSM — Hillstone's virtualized security management platform convinces customers to select Hillstone services over other vendor options.”

Product Manager, IT Partners Security

“Hillstone offers all security systems under one license and at a good price, rather than dividing it into different packages.”

Product Manager, IT Partners Security

Our channel and technology partner programs provide training, promotion, and rewards to partners who deliver and support our intelligent next-generation enterprise and datacenter firewall solutions. For the more than 20,000 customers worldwide who rely on proven Hillstone products, this collaborative approach to solving security challenges leads to more seamless integration that helps reduce both risk and operational costs. For our partners, it represents a unique opportunity to capture a significant piece of the $10 billion network security market.

Channel Partners

Hillstone works closely with resellers, system integrators, and distributors to deliver our intelligent next-generation firewall solutions and services to customers around the globe. In addition to technology leadership, members in our network of worldwide channel partners enjoy business benefits that include partner profit margin, deal protection, training and certification, lead distribution, sales support, and marketing tools.

Technology Partners

To deliver seamless technology integration and product compatibility to customers, Hillstone collaborates with global industry leaders in networking, data center, cloud infrastructure, and end-point security. Our technology partners gain access to API, training, lab equipment, prioritized support, and more. By co-developing joint solutions with us, these partners also gain significant strategic advantages that drive revenue and growth.