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"Hillstone has provided us with a set of solutions that match our vision for cybersecurity, moving beyond simply protecting our assets to analyzing and understanding the threat landscape in order to prevent attacks."

Antonio Valle Lopez IT Director for El Universal

Major LATAM Media OrganizationUp-Levels Perimeter Security with Hillstone’s Security Solutions

Hillstone security solutions combine to provide in-depth threat protections, advanced capabilities and secure connectivity to cloud.

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El Universal




Mexico City


El Universal is a major Media conglomerate with millions of monthly subscribers. Its media properties include daily and periodical print publications, as well as digital support through web and social media.


El Universal data centers span both private and public clouds. Their primary challenge is to modernize and augment perimeter security for their main, private data center, as well as secure connections to their public cloud data centers. With over a million subscribers, they also need to ensure secure access for their subscribers.


  • Upgrade existing security infrastructure and add supplemental security measures as necessary
  • Ensure the data integrity of critical intellectual property within their primary data center
  • Secure web services and portals from malware and security breaches
  • Provide secure connectivity to public cloud properties and services


Hilltone Networks security suite, consisting of NGFW and intrusion prevention and breach detection systems, deliver a 3-in-1 threat protection platform. In addition to security, the solution provides improved quality of service with fast access to web services, as well as reduced administrative overhead for their IT teams.