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The Hillstone Network detection and response (NDR) product Breach Detection System (BDS) adopts multiple threat detection technologies that include traditional signature-based or rule-based technology and large-scale threat intelligence data modeling, as well as machine learning-based user behavior analysis. The system provides an ideal solution for detecting advanced threats, including ransomware and crypto-mining malware, and protecting high-value critical servers and sensitive data from being leaked or stolen. Together with deep threat hunting analytical capabilities and visibility, Hillstone BDS provides security admins the effective means to detect IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) events, locate risky hosts and servers, and restore the attack chain. Moreover, it conducts threat and attack mitigation with the conjunction of NGFW, as well as with the integration of Hillstone XDR system iSource. The Hillstone NDR product BDS brings an effective and comprehensive solution to detect and respond to different breeds of network attacks and threats in an enterprise’s assets.

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