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Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP)

Hillstone CloudArmour CWPP Solution

Comprehensive Cloud Workload Protection

Hillstone’s CloudArmour is a CWPP solution that provides deep visibility of the cloud workloads with full security control, allowing organizations to comprehensively understand its cloud security posture, and act accordingly to meet the security demands of both the evolution of DevOps and the new cloud infrastructure architecture.

Hillstone CloudArmour Value Proposition

Full and Deep Security Visibility of Converged Cloud Workload

CloudArmour provides a centralized dashboard of the cloud security posture for hosts and Kubernetes clusters that allow organizations to have a unified workload monitoring and real-time assets management. Its posture perspective function provides a deep insight into vulnerabilities relations and traffic connections between applications and services, which potentially unveil any vulnerable applications, abnormal traffic, risky behaviors, and other info that security operators could take action against.

Unified and Granular Network Micro-segmentation

CloudArmour can minimize the threat attack surface via industry-leading micro-segmentation and traffic steering technology. It automatically discovers the application dependencies and dynamically enforces the micro-segmentation policies to avoid the proliferation of potential threats among cloud assets. CloudArmour’s smart policy assistant will additionally aid in generating the appropriate policies to best optimize the policy configuration of running systems without interruption across their private, public or hybrid cloud.

Advanced threat detection and runtime protection

The advanced threat detection and prevention capability can help detect threats and mitigate risks during runtime on cloud workloads. It creates behavior models based on workload activities, identifies abnormal behaviors, and responds with rules to mitigate potential threats. It also provides robust monitoring and blocking features to protect against intrusion attacks such as abnormal logins, reverse shells, webshells, and local privilege escalation. It delivers advanced Anti-virus capabilities to add an extra layer of security to the cloud environment.

Complete vulnerability Management Across the Entire Application lifecycle

CloudArmour provides deep insights and management of the vulnerabilities of images, containers, working nodes and hosts, and integrates security as part of the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment workflow throughout the application lifecycle, triggering alerts if necessary to mitigate potential risks ahead of time. Images with serious vulnerabilities can be alerted and blocked from reaching production. 

Out-of-the-box Security Compliance Assessments and Enforcement

CloudArmour assesses the compliance posture of cloud workloads with recommendations based on the industry’s best practices. It leverages the pre-configured compliance checks from CIS Benchmarks for Kubernetes, Docker, Linux, images and application runtime configurations, and provides a standard list of recommendations of remediations for each compliance risk.

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