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Secure SD-WAN
for distributed enterprises

Hillstone SD-WAN Solution

Uncompromising Edge Security

In a post-breach world, the network edge has become both an opportunity and a threat for IT teams. Constantly evolving threats and attacks, insecure IoT devices, and mobile tools require improved visibility, compliance and protection at the edge. Simultaneously, IT may be required to quickly deploy new offices with cost-effective bandwidth, all while ensuring security and reliability at the expanding edge. SD-WAN has become the tool of choice to solve these problems; but choosing the right SD-WAN solution is the key to success.


SD-WAN can consolidate multiple network devices while providing unparalleled agility, security and performance. At its core is the ability to utilize multiple connections effectively, and to use less-expensive broadband or mobile connections alongside or in place of high-cost MPLS links. Reliability can be assured by routing traffic over multiple links, which supports continuity even in a natural disaster.

In addition to allowing the use of lower-cost links, SD-WAN further lowers OPEX through zero-touch provisioning and rapid deployment, and centralized management reduces configuration and maintenance costs.

What is SD-WAN?

Put simply, SD-WAN is the next-generation WAN edge solution for enterprises. Its key capability is to route traffic via disparate wide-area links, including multiple internet connections, MPLS, and even mobile data networks like 3G/4G/5G LTE. In addition, the SD-WAN solution needs to be easy to deploy and centrally managed, as well as providing robust security capabilities.

Hillstone’s SD-WAN Solution

Developed by security industry veterans, Hillstone’s SD-WAN solution provides robust, comprehensive enterprise security to mitigate SD-WAN risks. The solution offers not only the visibility to see into network traffic, but also the ability to understand traffic context, and the capability to take action, protecting traffic at the edge. In addition, the SD-WAN solution provides centralized management, zero-touch provisioning, and superior QoS with active link monitoring for fast, simplified and protected SD-WAN networking. Key highlights of the solution include:

Centralized Management with Zero-Touch Provisioning at the Edge

ZTP allows for effortless scalability and deployment, even in the absence of skilled IT staff. By acting as a centralized controller, Hillstone’s secure SD-WAN solution is adept at bringing new CPE devices online, making it adaptable to the new “branch of one” concept, and push changes to existing CPE devices seamlessly.

Seamless and Comprehensive Remote Security

Hillstone’s SD-WAN solution provides centralized VPN connectivity and security policy management. VPN setup and branch security policies can be configured via the Security Manager, then automatically deployed to branch devices through initial configuration or subsequent configuration updates. By enabling hub-and-spoke VPN from corporate HQ to remote sites, or even virtual private clouds within large public clouds, Hillstone’s SD-WAN solution provides comprehensive protected communication to give CISOs peace of mind that all communication is encrypted. 

Enterprise-Class Security Foundation

Hillstone’s long history and leadership in the security industry form the foundation of the SD-WAN enterprise solution. It features an integrated next-gen firewall with unique breach and malware detection capabilities that are used by thousands of enterprises and recognized by leading analysts like Gartner. Through Hillstone’s solution, the links in the chain of security, routing and WAN optimization are consolidated into a single platform, providing a trusted and proven secure core.

How can SD-WAN Help Your Organization?

A wide variety of distributed organizations can benefit from an SD-WAN solution. These use-case scenarios listed below, drawn from real-world deployments, can serve as a blueprint for your organization’s needs.


Retailers face unique compliance and scalability requirements. PCI-DSS compliance is mandatory to protect customer credit card data, which entails both encryption of traffic and segmentation of the network to ensure only appropriate access by systems and staff. Malware and breach detection are also increasingly important to retail operations, given recent headline-making data breaches. Application prioritization can also ensure that purchase transactions are given high priority, and real-time data is available for supply-chain and other retail analysis.


Healthcare systems, both clinical and research, are increasingly distributed, and SD-WAN can help connect decentralized locations with high-quality bandwidth and performance while ensuring compliance, privacy and security. Large file transfers, like x-rays and electronic health records, can be accommodated with the necessary performance. IoT devices can be protected from malicious attacks that could lead to a breach of sensitive patient information.

Service Providers

Communications and managed service providers are increasingly turning to IaaS services as a revenue center, and SD-WAN services can be a compelling offering, especially among small- to medium-sized businesses. Centralized management provides easy day-to-day operations and management, and the Hillstone solution provides advanced security along with the SD-WAN capabilities. Smaller businesses can realize improved performance through application-aware prioritization of SaaS services as well.


Government agencies with remote locations can also benefit from Hillstone’s SD-WAN solution, by augmenting or eliminating high-cost MPLS networks while still attaining secure and reliable access. For extremely remote or hard-to-reach areas, the solution’s ability to utilize wireless broadband connections provides fast, secure access as well. Similarly, for disaster preparedness, 3G/4G/5G LTE connections can be used to provide an SD-WAN mesh that is both reliable and secure in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

Hillstone Networks Recognized in Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Virtual Private Networks for its Network Firewalls

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