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Safeguarding Telcos and ISPs

Cybersecurity for Telcos and ISPs

Empowering digital transformation, while optimizing efficiency and cost at scale.

In an interconnected world where information is the lifeblood of businesses, Telecommunications (Telco) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) play an indispensable role as the backbone of communication and services. Their infrastructure and services form the foundation for how individuals and organizations connect and communicate, making them attractive targets for threat actors.

Telcos and ISPs are innovating across four key initiatives, spanning networking, internet access, and content delivery that are transforming their industries. And they are aggressively implementing strategic digital transformation programs to support these initiatives to remain competitive, revolutionize the customer experience and expand business opportunities.

Telco and ISP Networks Against Cyber Attacks

Cyber threats loom large, and Telcos and ISPs stand as prime targets for malicious actors armed with advanced and sophisticated tools. Their critical role in facilitating seamless communication and providing uninterrupted internet services makes them attractive prey for cybercriminals. There are many impactful cyberattacks that pose a significant threat to Telcos and ISPs, amplifying the urgency for robust security measures and proactive defense strategies.

Key Cybersecurity Challenges for Telcos and ISPs

Protecting interconnected networks

The Telco industry has vast interconnected networks that cybercriminals can attack.

Securing legacy technology

The Telco industry still uses legacy technology which makes it difficult to maintain and secure their networks.

Keeping sensitive information private

Telco providers store enormous amounts of sensitive data for individuals, businesses, and government agencies.

Increasing threat attack surface

The threat surface increases as the number of services increase and the networks expands.

Lack of awareness

Lack of technical knowledge and awareness within organizations are major challenges to Telco providers and their customers.

Securing the Backbone of Telcos and ISPs with Integrative Cybersecurity Solutions

From perimeter protection at the edge, to virtual machine and cloud workload protection, to delivering a centralized view, monitoring, and management of all assets across a network without borders, Hillstone Networks security products are available at every layer of the stack to deliver cyber resilience and business continuity:

  1. Perimeter protection: Hillstone X-Series Data Center Firewall
  2. Micro-segmentation: Hillstone CloudHive
  3. Host and Container Security: Hillstone CloudArmour
  4. VCS Isolation: Hillstone CloudEdge
  1. Web Security: Hillstone virtual Web Application Firewall (vWAF)
  2. Extended Detection and Response (XDR): Hillstone iSource
  3. Centralized Management and Monitoring: Hillstone HSM and Hillstone CloudView

Key Technology


Hillstone Networks Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT) solution offers a range of benefits for service providers, empowering service providers to efficiently manage IP resources, enhance network performance, and ensure the security and integrity of their networks.

  • Optimizes resource allocation with efficient management of IP address utilization by allowing multiple customers to share a single public IP address. This mitigates the depletion of IPv4 addresses.
  • Provides scalability and flexibility, accommodating the growing demands of networks and adapting to architectural configurations.
  • Ensures efficient handling of network traffic, resulting in improved performance and reduced latency with advanced traffic management capabilities, including session tracking, load balancing, and traffic optimization.
  • Offers comprehensive management and monitoring capabilities, allowing administrators to centrally control and monitor network operations in real-time.


The SD-WAN solution from Hillstone Networks provides a host of advantages for service providers seeking efficient and secure connectivity across distributed networks. SD-WAN can consolidate multiple network devices while providing unparalleled agility, security, and performance.

  • Simplified and accelerated deployment and management of network devices with centralized management and zero-touch provisioning at the edge.
  • VPN over multiple links delivers intelligent traffic routing optimize network performance by dynamically analyzing application requirements and network conditions.
  • Seamless and comprehensive encryption ensures data confidentiality, integrity, and privacy throughout the entire network infrastructure, meeting regulatory compliance requirements and industry standards.
  • Natively integrated security in the Hillstone platform ensures that security measures are intrinsic and inherent to the system.