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Hillstone Server Protection Solution

Comprehensive Server Protection with Unparalleled Visibility and Efficacy

Hillstone Server Breach Detection System (sBDS) I-Series product line detects and helps mitigate advanced multi-stage, multi-layer, threats that target critical servers and hosts. Hillstone’s breach detection solution can analyze, detect and block advanced threats targeting critical servers and hosts. With sophisticated technology built on the well-accepted cyber kill-chain and evolving MITRE ATT&CK frameworks, Hillstone’s Server Protection solutions provide layered security that works in concert with our NGFW suite to block new threats.

Hillstone sBDS Value Proposition

Comprehensive Server Protection

Hillstone sBDS covers a wide variety of potential threats to critical servers that contain sensitive data or run important services. Abnormal behavior detection, advanced threat detection and use of deception technology allows sBDS to discover unknown threats to enterprise assets.

High Efficacy with Low False Positives

Using advanced correlation analytics across different indicators of compromise (IoCs) allows Hillstone sBDS to detect and surface real threats without overwhelming already busy SecOps teams — improving confidence in the solution and resulting in actions that improve security.

Full Visibility into Ongoing Threats

Hillstone sBDS provides visibility into ongoing indicators of compromise (IoCs) across a wide range of threat types. In addition, sBDS provides server traffic monitoring and mapping of traffic patterns so that threat sources, or other downstream compromised systems can be easily cataloged. Built-in forensic capabilities facilitates system learning to identify the key vectors of compromise and block those in the future.

Smooth Integration with Hillstone Suite

The sBDS solution integrates seamlessly with other components of the Hillstone suite, from enabling NGFW configurations to block future attacks, to tying into CloudView and Hillstone HSM for centralized management. This leads to lower operational expense while improving security by providing a global view and status of all protected enterprise assets.

Hillstone Security Analytics featuring the Hillstone Server Breach Detection solution

Hillstone Networks Recognized in Gartner 2020 Market Guide for Network Detection and Response for its sBDS Solution.

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