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Centralized Security Management,
Configuration and Monitoring Solution

Hillstone Security Management Platform

Accelerating Deployment Cycles. Reducing Management Overhead. Simplify Configuration.

Hillstone’s Security Manager enhances network security by allowing businesses to segment their networks into multiple virtual domains. Domains can be based on geography, business unit or security function. It provides the versatility needed to manage Hillstone’s infrastructure while simplifying configuration, accelerating deployment cycles, and reducing management overhead.

Hillstone HSM Value Proposition

Multi-Domain Security

Most companies face security challenges when their business spans offices located in several regions or countries. Multiple security gateways, multiple sites requiring different security policies and multiple administrators can quickly create a complex security environment. Organizations need the tools to manage global security policies while allowing regional administrators to manage devices and users in their geographic location or business division. Hillstone’s Security Manager allows the primary administrator to segment security management into multiple virtual domains. It provides the security, visibility, and control required by organizations while reducing management costs, simplifying configuration, and accelerating deployment cycles.

Simplified Provisioning and Management

Hillstone’s Multi-Domain Security Management simplifies the provisioning of new devices. It allows a primary administrator to create groups of devices for other administrators to monitor and manage. The primary administrator can download global policies, security updates, and policy updates, while local administrators provide policies for local devices, users, and groups. Administrator also can lock the using rules and object configuration to improve the security and reliability of device configuration.


HSM serves as the centralized Security Manager in Hillstone’s SD-WAN solution, offers centralized policy management and global visibility, allowing one-click set-up and deployment of SD-WAN networking from a central console

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