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Major Air Hub Expands and Upgrades Security Framework with Hillstone Networks

The Hillstone firewalls addressed all of our key requirements and offered a superior total cost of ownership. Also, their multilingual support team is very responsive and available whenever we need them.

CTO for Technology and Innovation

Major Air Hub Expands and Upgrades Security Framework with Hillstone Networks

Advanced security infrastructure supports new-state-of-the-art terminal and upgrades security for existing terminal and regional airports. The new cybersecurity architecture provides comprehensive protection, improves network performance and supports remote workers at the busiest airport in Central America, while providing centralized management and deep visibility into the network.

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Major Airport in Central America






54 boarding gates and 21 airlines serving more than 16 million passengers/year; 15 cargo carriers


To build a high-security network infrastructure for a major new terminal, extend it to the existing terminal and modernize regional airport security.


  • Enhance security and network performance with redundant 40G connections
  • Improve support for remote workers
  • Segregate passenger WiFi traffic from airport business traffic
  • Centralized security management and improved threat detection


NGFWs from Hillstone provide comprehensive protection against advanced threats, improved network performance, remote worker support, and centralized management and monitoring.