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Hillstone gives us peace of mind. It helps us detect attacks before they spread out on the network. We can now stop the hosts that have been compromised and who are scanning our networks attempting brute force access to our datacenters.

IT Director

Stopping Attacks in Their Tracks: A Manufacturing Company’s Network Threat Detection Triumph

A well-known textile manufacturer in southeast Asia deployed Hillstone Networks to stop threats in their tracks.

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Textile Manufacturer




Southeast Asia


Over the past 40 years, the company has grown into a publicly-traded entity, won numerous awards, and now calls some of the largest brands in the world its customers.


800 employees


Insufficient visibility into network traffic, and activity
Vulnerabilities from botnets and cyberattacks in web application services Requirements
A network monitoring solution with real-time detection and analysis of advanced threats.
A turnkey solution without the burden of significant onboarding or management overhead.


The solution from Hillstone delivers real-time alerts that are prioritized for action. Additional context, including geo-location of hosts and events accelerate and improve threat triaging. In addition the built-in threat monitoring keeps security admins informed on suspicious and malicious events