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It was crucial for us to find a solution that would help reduce the workload on the WAF, especially in the event of DDoS attacks, and also provide detailed reporting on threat event details. In Hillstone, we believe we have found the best of all worlds – strong protections against threats and attacks with the extensive visibility we need.

Information technology officer

Defending the Critical Web Servers and Assets for a Government Agency

Hillstone Network Intrusion Prevention System (NIPS) defends against DDoS attacks, cyberthreats and exploits aimed at a government agency under the Malaysia’s Ministry of Primary Industries.

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A government agency under the Malaysia’s Ministry of Primary Industries






Multiple divisions as well as other government agencies


Replace an obsolete product with a new, state-of-the-art IPS to protect critical DC infrastructure


  • Deliver first-line perimeter protection for the data center
  • Provide superior visibility and threat intelligence
  • Relieve load on existing WAF through SSL proxy offload
  • Minimal up-front cost with easy management and maintenance


An all-in-one IPS solution that delivers superior visibility into network elements as well as advanced threat intelligence to provide comprehensive protection for critical assets.