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We needed to realize secure service access from the branch nodes to the data center through IPsec VPN, but also to isolate the internet services and office network of each branch to fully protect our group’s business network. Through Hillstone’s SD-WAN solution, we achieved both goals, while streamlining deployment and operations.

IT Director

Protecting a Geothermal Energy Company’s Distributed Network with Hillstone Secure SD-WAN

This bleeding-edge geothermal energy producer supplies the latest in clean-energy solutions. It is critical for them to ensure redundant WAN links to all sites for business operations, but more importantly to assure continuous connection of telemetry for energy monitoring, management and billing. To protect the critical power infrastructure from cybercriminals, IT security is of the utmost importance.

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Geothermal Energy Company






More than 300 locations


Modernizing security infrastructure to better protect all network resources against cyberthreats and to ensure high availability


  • Deliver highly redundant SD-WAN infrastructure for security and business continuity
  • Secure data center against leaks and breaches
  • Meet best practices mandated by federal government
  • Provide layered security infrastructure across head office and branch sites


A layered security architecture with Hillstone NGFWs including redundant SD-WAN services