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Centralized log retention
and high-speed retrieval

Hillstone Security Audit Platform (HSA)

Transform Log Data into Security Intelligence

ISPs, universities, large enterprises, government agencies, and large data centers generate billions of log events daily. They require high performance log storage and near instantaneous query results to analyze an explosion of data generated by today’ sinflux of point solutions. Hillstone’s Network Security Audit Platform collects and collates NAT, threat, URL and session logs. From there, it transforms log data into usable security intelligence with split-second granular searches that provide instant visibility into network traffic and billions of log records.

Hillstone HSA Value Proposition

Network Visibility

Log records provide visibility into network activity and help meet compliance regulations. However, running log queries across millions of log records can take hours with traditional log management systems. As such, without effective log management, companies render their own security intelligence ineffective and expose themselves to unbridled security events. Hillstone’s Network Security Audit Platform provides powerful, accessible queries, which provide instant visibility into millions of log records.

High-Performance Log Processing

Large enterprises can generate up to 100 gigabytes of log data per day. Being able to scale to these data rates is an important aspect to log retention. Hillstone’s Security Audit Platform supports standard syslog as well as a very high performance binary protocol that can receive up to 100,000 events per second from NAT traffic. It can dynamically scale storage to meet retention/compliance requirements via distributed load balancing or by sending specific logs to specific servers.

Powerful Queries

Hillstone’s Security Audit Platform allows users to easily create and save queries that run on demand or on a scheduled basis. It can search across source IP, destination IP, URL, public IP and time. In addition, Hillstone’s NAT logs can translate a public IP address into a private IP address/port and user name. This provides powerful forensic detail in environments that use NAT and need visibility into the private network.

Support IPv6

Hillstone’s security audit platform supports Session logs, NAT logs, PBR logs in both IPv4 and IPv6 format. It’ll help enterprises gradually achieve a smooth transition from IPv4 to IPv6.

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