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Welcome to Hillstone Cybersecurity Techtalk series, where technology experts and business leaders worldwide will come together to discuss market and technology trends in cybersecurity and how to reshape security to embrace cyber resilience.

As Hillstone has emerged as a global innovative cybersecurity company with offices, partners, and customers worldwide, we hope our Techtalk series will inspire and provide insights to our audiences with:

  • Holistic global approach to cybersecurity
  • Understanding of the cybersecurity landscape in different regions
  • Security measures in place with initiatives, establishments, governance, and solutions

Our hosts, Matt Kimball and Steve McDowell, will lead these insightful discussions with leaders and experts in the security industry.

Please join us every second Wednesday of each month for live viewing of our monthly Cybersecurity Techtalk. If you miss any of our live Techtalks, they can be viewed on-demand on our website.

The Hosts

Matt Kimball

Matt Kimball is a datacenter analyst covering servers and storage. Matt’s 25-plus years of real-world experience in high tech spans from hardware to software as a product manager, product marketer, engineer, and enterprise IT practitioner.

Steve McDowell

Steve McDowell is a technologist with over 25 years of deep industry experience in a variety of strategy, engineering, and strategic marketing roles, all with the unifying theme of delivering storage and systems technologies into the enterprise market. 

Episode 12: Into the Future: A Cybersecurity Journey to 2024

In the concluding episode of Tech Talk 2023, leading figures from the cybersecurity field will examine recent trends and developments. The discussion will focus on navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape, understanding the transformative influence of cloud computing, and exploring the dual-edged role of AI in reshaping cybersecurity, both positively and negatively.

Recorded: December 14, 2023


Kenny Yeo
Frost & Sullivan | Director of Cybersecurity Advisory

Timothy Liu
Hillstone Networks | Co-founder and CTO

Episode 11: Navigating Cybersecurity in Higher Education

We look further into Higher Education and ensuring the security of its diverse user population — students, faculty, staff, and often, visitors — who typically connect to resources through BYOD or anywhere-access policies.

Recorded: November 9, 2023


Sergio Hernandez
Tasmicro | Director

Marco Kopp
Hillstone Networks | Senior SE Manager

Episode 10: The Power of SD-WAN in Secure Connectivity

SD-WAN stands out as a game-changer. But it’s not just about connecting enterprises; it’s about transforming how businesses operate securely in the digital age. But here’s the catch: not all SD-WAN solutions are built equal. In addition to the inherent security that results from this technology, enterprise organizations have to be very thoughtful about how they secure the devices, the clients, and the branches that are interconnected.

Recorded: October 12, 2023


Suriafi Lim
Sistech Kharisma | Director of Sales & Marketing, PT

Jerry Chiang
Hillstone Networks | SE Manager

Episode 9: Mastering XDR: Elevating your security posture

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) holds a lot of promise for companies looking to deepen their security posture through a centralized and integrated security platform that connects the entire enterprise – from devices at endpoints to people and applications.

Recorded: September 14, 2023


Rafael Santana
Hillstone Networks| Technical Marketing Engineer

Adib Manssur
Hillstone Networks | Sr. Product Manager

Episode 8: Cloud without Compromise: How to Navigate Cloud Security Challenges

Summer may be winding down, but hackers continue to hunker down on exploiting cloud vulnerabilities. Join Steve and Matt and special guests, Israel Lugo, Cloud & Security manager from SIJISA Ciberseguridad, and Alvaro Martinez, Sr. Sales Engineering Manager from Hillstone Networks, as they discuss navigating the challenges of cloud security.

Recorded: August 16, 2023

Israel Lugo
SIJISA Ciberseguridad | Cloud & Security Manager

Alvaro Martinez
Hillstone Networks | Sr. Sales Engineering Manager

Episode 7: Cloud Security Fundamentals for SMBs

As more and more businesses migrate applications and services to the cloud, security becomes a mandate in protecting critical data and infrastructure and maintaining compliance at every instance. This session’s special guest, Federico Decia, CEO and co-founder of Nub8, will share their experiences in delivering secure cloud services with Hillstone Networks

Recorded: July 13, 2023


Federico Decia

Alexander Rodriguez
Hillstone Networks | Deputy of Sales Director Americas

Episode 6: The Connected Caribbean: Blue NAP Americas and Hillstone Networks

This session’s special guest, Giovanni King, CEO of Blue NAP Americas, will share with us their blue grass efforts to deliver IT services to not only Curaçao and its people, but establish itself as the central hub that connects the broader Caribbean islands.

Recorded: June 8, 2023


Giovanni King
Blue NAP Americas | CEO

Andre Kupfer
Hillstone Networks | Sr. Sales Enginneering Manager

Episode 5: Unpacking The Sights and Insights at RSA Conference

From exploring the latest in technology innovations, to learning from the leading experts in the industry, RSA Conference offers an opportunity to exchange ideas, network with peers and advance knowledge in the space. This session will feature exclusive footage from our RSA Conference showcase, highlighting the innovative technologies and solutions as part of the Hillstone Integrative Cyber Security approach. 

Recorded: May 11, 2023


Hillstone Networks Global Sales Team

Episode 4: AI and Cybersecurity: A Match or Miss

As AI becomes more pervasive, it’s more important than ever to understand its impact and role in the cybersecurity world. This session, our experts will provide an in-depth discussion on the role of massive datasets in driving machine learning models for effective threat mitigation, strategies for managing against the threat of AI-driven malware, and the risk of not including AI in your cybersecurity strategy.

Recorded: April 6, 2023


Tim Liu
Hillstone Networks | CTO & Co-founder

David Yu
Hillstone Networks | Distinguished Solutions Architect

Episode 3: ZTNA: What You Need to Know

ZTNA is a security model that fills gaps left by VPNs. It uses a zero trust approach to prevent unauthorized access to applications and services, reducing network threats. Join TechTalk with hosts Matt and Steve, and special guests Carlos from Bidweb Security and Felipe from Hillstone Networks, to learn about ZTNA, its deployment challenges, and best practices, including real-world implementation examples.

Recorded: March 8, 2023


Carlos Sampaio
Bidweb Security | CTO

Felipe Brandao,
Hillstone Networks | Sr. SE Manager

Episode 2: MWC 2023 Predictions: How to Secure a Mobile and Connected World

We are all digitally connected. But connectivity doesn’t always equate with security. Hear from our cybersecurity tech experts who work directly with service providers that oversee the security of customers’ digital assets. Join us for best practices and insights on what it means to transform networks and business operations for a more secure, connected world.

Recorded: February 8, 2023


Alberto Carrillo, Sr. Sales Engineering Manager for Iberia.

Andre Kupfer, Sr. Sales Engineering Manager for Brazil.

Episode 1: New Year: New Cybersecurity Techtalk Series

Business and thought leaders in Europe, Dawid Krolica, and Latin America, Manuel Acosta, discuss the cybersecurity landscape in their regions and how to build cyber resilience based on the three pillars of cybersecurity: People, Processes, and Technology. People training to build security awareness. Processes to implement security awareness and to utilize the right technology products and solutions to mitigate cybersecurity risks. Technology to protect from and minimize risks of cyberattacks.

Recorded: January 11, 2023


Dawid Krolica, Hillstone Territory Sales Manager for Eastern Europe

Manuel Acosta, Hillstone Country Manager in Mexico

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