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The First Line of Defense
Multi-stage, Multi-layer Attacks

Hillstone Edge Security Solutions

Perimeter Defense Tools for Enhanced Edge Security

Explore next generation firewalls and network intrusion prevention systems for enterprise level edge security. For many corporations, the enterprise edge is the first line of defense against ongoing threats. As part of Hillstone’s comprehensive portfolio of security products our Edge Protection solutions provide top-of-the-line protection against multi-stage, multi-layer attacks. Our Edge Protection products help mitigate infrastructure breaches that expose sensitive user and corporate data, as well as the threat to operations from ransomware.

Built on a future-ready platform, Hillstone’s NGFW solutions blend blazing high-performance with advanced threat protection and intelligent policy operation. And Hillstone NIPs provides flexible deployment options for both inline and passive deployment modes, leveraging application-awareness for one of the highest detection accuracy rates in the industry without sacrificing performance.

Our edge product suite provides industry-leading protection with a superior TCO. With expansion capabilities that extend both networking connectivity and storage capacity, Hillstone’s edge protection line scales from small branches to large campuses to carrier-class multi-tenant data centers.

Edge security is the security process of providing protection for data that locates or transported out of protective boundaries of the corporate network. With the rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, mobile devices, and diverse network points, security concerns have also drastically increased due to the expanded attack surfaces, as well as the massive incoming and outgoing traffic.
Edge security solves these problems by providing a built-in security stack as a network administrator, satisfying multiple needs of security, high performance and low network latency while processing the enormous amount of data being generated and consumed at the edge.

Creating a Comprehensive Edge Security Plan

As edge computing allows for hundreds of entry points for security attacks, an edge security system is essential to protect data that is located in or moves through edge devices.
Our edge product suite provides industry-leading protection with a superior TCO. With expansion capabilities that extend both networking connectivity and storage capacity, Hillstone’s edge protection line scageles from small branches to large campuses to carrier-class multi-tenant data centers.

Hillstone’s Family of Next-Generation Firewalls and Network Intrusion Prevention Products

Future-Ready Next-Generation Firewalls

Hillstone’s future-ready firewalls provide edge protection within physical networks providing high-performance with advanced threat protection and intelligent policy operation.The NGFW system’s unified threat detection and analytics engine coordinates across all built-in security mechanisms to enhance efficiency while reducing network latency.

Data Center Next-Generation Firewalls

Hillstone’s data center NGFW offers outstanding performance, reliability, and scalability, for high-speed service providers, large enterprises and carrier networks. X-Series’ patented Elastic Firewall architecture provides independent processing of network and application layer traffic, providing edge security and linear scalability. 


Network Intrusion Prevention System

Hillstone Network-based IPS (NIPS) appliance operates in-line, and at wire speed, performing deep packet inspection, and assembling inspection of all network traffic.The NIPS platform provides high throughput, low latency and maximum availability to maintain efficient edge security operations without compromising network performance.

Hillstone Networks Once Again Recognized as a Visionary in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network Firewalls

Hillstone’s Enterprise Edge Security Features

  • Comprehensive threat prevention capability
  • Industry-leading performance with better TCO than leading incumbents
  • Real-time protection for applications from network attacks including viruses, spyware, worms, and botnets.
  • Unified threat detection engine that shares packet details with multiple security engines


How Hillstone’s Next Generation Firewall Works

With brand new hardware architecture, Hillstone Next Generation Firewall features high security performance, comprehensive security services, complete advanced threat detection and prevention, smart and automated policy operation, as well as high-density interfaces and storage expansion. The above features enable Hillstone NGFW to fully meet the current network security needs and ensure excellent access capability, better visibility and analytics. Further, as a part of ZTNA solution, NGFW can granularly control the application access with eliminated implicit trust and continuous verification.


How Hillstone’s Network Intrusion Prevention System Works

Hillstone Network-based Intrusion Prevention (NIPS) appliance operates in-line at wire speed, actively monitoring, analyzing and taking automated actions on all traffic flows that enter the network by performing deep packet inspection and assembling inspection, and blocking the threats through signature-based rule and protocol anomaly based rule. In order to efficiently detect and accurately respond to the threats that may happen in near-real time, the in-line Hillstone NIPS platform provides high throughput, low latency and maximum availability to maintain efficient security operations without compromising network performance. Hillstone NIPS can be an integral part of your network security systems in multiple scenarios due to its advanced network intrusion detection and prevention capabilities.


Hillstone’s NGFW and NIPS Use Cases

– Network Edge Protection
While handling massive volumes of traffic at the network edge, Hillstone NGFW provides comprehensive and high-efficiency security services including IPS, IPR, URL Filtering, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Cloud Sandbox, Botnet C2, defending against more advanced threats such as known and unknown malware, abnormal behaviors, among others. Meanwhile, Hillstone NIPS can be in-line deployed after Hillstone NGFW, inspecting all traffic across the network boundaries with rules based on protocol anomaly analysis and signature analysis, to block connections or drop packets if malicious or suspicious content is detected.

– Data Center Security
The Hillstone NGFW and NIPS platforms with high throughput can fully meet the requirements of a high-traffic data center, and can also provide powerful capabilities of defensive, detection, and automated analysis and mitigation for threats and attacks, ensuring that the data centers can be protected from sophisticated attacks. Further, the Active-Passive mode and Peer mode of HA can significantly improve the reliability of data center communication.

– Secure Remote Access
Hillstone NGFW with context-aware, identity-aware, and least-privileged secure access control guarantees a layered defense mechanism for remote access, initiating Zero Trust strategy within your security scheme. In addition, in the remote access scenario, Hillstone NIPS deployed in extranet can also enable businesses to exchange information over the Internet securely by authorizing outside users to partially access to an intranet.

The integrated Hillstone NGFW in the SD-WAN solution delivers security, speed, and scalability for all local internet connections at remote locations.

Hillstone Networks Customer Perspectives

“Intelligent generation security system capable of identifying vulnerabilities and attacks”

Network Manager, Transportation Industry

“Hillstone is the all-in-one in security network world, but really easy to manage”

IT Servers, Government

“Hillstone is a global security company that allows government defenses to formulate”

IT Security, Government

“Hillstone is a good decision, they will rise more than others very soon.”

Network Analyst, Education

“Hillstone virtual NGFW secure our remote workforce”

CEO, IT Services

“Hillstone is a very good brand, and the services that they can offer is one of the best”

IT Platform Administration, Education

“Powerful and solid firewall and very easy to deploy”

Network Admin, Energy

“Robust NGFW for Perimeter Protection”

Network Administrator, Transportation

“Hillstone is a very good technology as Gartner Leaders or even better”

Server Manager, Transportation

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For the 4th year in a row, Hillstone Networks has been recognized in Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Network Firewalls.

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