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We were able to cover more than we expected in the initial project and were able to include more security solutions within the same budget.

Jose Luis Alvarez. Head of Infrastructure and Security Section for SIAPA

Large Water Utility Services Provider Modernizes and Upgrades Security Infrastructure with Hillstone Networks

Hillstone’s solutions provide comprehensive security, centralized management, improved performance and visibility for data center, remote sites and web applications.

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Sistema Intermunicipal de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado (SIAPA) (Intermunicipal System of Sewerage Services)


Government Utility


Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico


Provides sewerage systems and sanitation services


Serves the majority of the Guadalajara metro area, the 3rd-largest in Mexico


Previous security technology had become obsolete, requiring an upgrade to the latest generation technology to assure the security of data center and remote sites and gain centralized management and system-wide visibility.


  • Update the aging security infrastructure to meet a challenging threat environment
  • Expanded security service for both data center and remote sites
  • Centralization of management, maintenance and monitoring on a single platform
  • Broad visibility across the infrastructure to improve detection and mitigation of threats


Hillstone’s broad product set provides in-depth protection, efficient centralized management and deep visibility with scalability and the ability to easily add features in the future.