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The importance of logs that record events of all types in a complex network cannot be overstated, especially for detecting and tracking threats. We are pleased to announce that Hillstone Security Audit (HSA) platform has now been updated to version V2.19.0, offering even better centralization, organization, and utilization of log data during auditing.

Optimized Log Management

Sifting through massive amounts of logs is cumbersome and time-consuming, and when batch exports are required, can be tedious. The updated HSA platform now features multi-threaded support for multi-core platforms, reducing the query time by a factor of four compared to previous versions (taking HSA-30D (16-core) as an example). Additionally, users can now enjoy uninterrupted access with session refresh, and the maximum number of logs that can be exported at once has been increased to 1 million, making log management smoother and more efficient.

Improved Port Configuration

Managing specific ports can be done through a command line interface (CLI), which can be complex and slow for those unfamiliar with this kind of interface. The new version of HSA introduces port configuration through the web user interface (UI), allowing users to enable or disable ports with just one click. This new feature allows for seamless management of ports through both UI and CLI, ensuring users choose the best option based on their preferences.

Compatibility and Scalability of Virtual HSA

The virtual HSA provides a flexible and scalable solution to meet every user’s needs. The new version has improved compatibility by adding Xen as a deployable hypervisor, in addition to VMware and KVM. The maximum hard disk capacity of the virtual HSA has also been increased to 32TB, catering to businesses with higher storage requirements.

NFS Mount Exception Detection and Handling

Mounting a Network File System (NFS) datastore can expand storage capacity beyond the existing disk and enable log data to a centralized location. However, sometimes the mount may be unstable, causing exceptions. The new version of HSA addresses this by offering a set of procedures to detect and handle such exceptions, with associated alarms and restart being triggered if scheduled tasks find it necessary. The ability of HSA to respond to abnormal conditions has been greatly enhanced with this new feature.

HSA centralizes logs from Hillstone security devices and allows instructions to be reviewed, approved, and implemented, providing a comprehensive solution for analyzing devices’ workflow. With automatic processes for compliance gap mitigation, HSA is a critical tool in today’s network environment.

For more information, reach out to your Hillstone representative or authorized reseller.

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