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Hillstone  Live Webinar

StoneOS 5.5R9: The Security Foundation that Works!

From the Hillstone Networks team, happy new year! Are you ready for the reality of hybrid work? Are you looking to work smarter? Are you ready to leverage AI and ML in new groundbreaking ways?

If so, we’re starting off 2022 with a bang as we unveil StoneOS 5.5R9, the newly minted secure foundation behind our whole Hillstone suite of products. With close to 300 new features covering a wide expanse of topics, from remote workforce enhancements, to major hardware performance augmentation, and even novel ways of leveraging AI/ML, the comprehensive StoneOS 5.5R9 is truly a security foundation that works. In our webinar, we’ll be discussing:

  • The vision with StoneOS 5.5R9
  • Explaining key new features of StoneOS 5.5R9
  • Demonstrating key new features of StoneOS 5.5R9

Register now to save your spot at Hillstone’s first webinar of 2022. See you there!

Jan 19, GMT-5, 10:00 AM

Jan 20, GMT+8, 11:00 AM

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