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Hillstone  Live Webinar

XDR: Extending, to Reshape Security

Leading analyst research firm Frost & Sullivan has teamed up with Hillstone Networks to create the joint Extended Detection and Response (XDR) whitepaper. Haven’t had a chance to download the XDR whitepaper yet? Or hesitant due to it feeling like an “extended” problem? Fret not, sometimes we are auditory learners as well. Join product marketing manager Gary next week to learn how to:

  • Eliminate alert fatigue: Intelligently analyze and consolidate siloed data into actionable, context-conscious alerts.
  • Stop data leaks: XDR maximizes the utility of your existing security infrastructure to mitigate vulnerabilities.
  • Adapt to the threat landscape: With cloud migration, comes the need for a counter measure like XDR that can act quickly, be flexible, and integrate a variety of data points.
  • Modernize your security: Adopt cyber-resilience by leveraging XDR’s ability to comprehensively see, thoroughly understand, and malleably act.

Grab your copy of the F&S joint whitepaper on XDR, a bucket of popcorn, and join Gary as we learn about how the XDR solution is key in embracing cyber-resiliency by allowing your entire security team to see, understand, and act, resulting in security that works. Start a conversation with us, download the whitepaper, and see you next week at the webinar.

Mar 23, GMT-5 (US Central Time)
10:00 AM

Mar 24, GMT+8 (Singapore)
11:00 AM

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