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A Modern Solution for Modern Problems:

How XDR Solves Tomorrow’s Biggest Security Challenges

XDR: Solving Tomorrow’s Biggest Security Challenges Today.

You’ve heard the expression: More money, more problems. Now switch out “money” for “data,” and the statement holds true in IT.

The threat landscape is changing drastically, with AI-infused multilayer and multistage threats leading the way. In the past, a simple castle-and-moat security infrastructure would suffice. Some even neglected the existence of cybersecurity, claiming it to be unnecessary, and got by with it. But now, infiltration is no longer an aberration. It is the norm. Leveraging AI/ML has resulted in a multitude of security products that can collect data crucial for detecting these modernized threats. By itself, this collected data would only form data paralysis, or alert fatigue. What’s missing is an intelligent central management solution that can corral this siloed data, analyze it, and delineate appropriate mitigation strategy to nullify these new-age threats. We live in a post-breach world where developing a cyber-resilient security infrastructure that is dynamic, realistic, and adaptive is a mandate.

The Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solution is a giant leap toward establishing this cyber-resiliency.

Download the whitepaper and learn:
  • How the everchanging threat landscape created the need for a solution like XDR.
  • Why cybersecurity should no longer be considered an unnecessary expense.
  • Why XDR is the modernized solution for modern-day threats.
  • How the sudden influx of intelligent data collection, without the means of processing the data intelligently, has slowly become a setback for enterprises around the world.
  • How XDR can maximize the effectiveness of your existing security infrastructure to tackle multi-stage, multi-layer threats.
  • How iSource can be the XDR solution to create a cyber-resilient infrastructure protection solution.

Download XDR Whitepaper