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Jul 26, 2022

Simplify and Virtualize Your SD-WAN Implementation with HSM V5.2


Ever since the onslaught of COVID-19, hybrid workforce technologies went from a dispensable commodity to a necessity.  As such, the SD-WAN for distributed enterprises is needed more than ever. This solution can simultaneously secure the expanding remote workforce while meeting connectivity needs. SD-WAN is a cornerstone solution that can bridge the gap between productivity and security priorities. Hillstone Networks is pleased to announce the release of the Security Management Platform (HSM) for SD-WAN version 5.2. In this release, HSM for SD-WAN supports virtualization deployment, monitoring functions upgrades, and device provisioning and management optimizations. 

Virtualization is now supported.

By popular demand, HSM V5.2 is now available in a virtualized deployment. The management capabilities have been expanded to support up to 3,000 devices, ensuring that no matter how distributed the enterprise is, the enterprise’s remote workforce and branch quarters can all be supported and secured by Hillstone’s HSM.  The virtual platform of HSM for SD-WAN supports multiple hypervisors, including VMware, ESXi, and KVM, and several public cloud environments such as AWS, Huawei Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud. This provides flexible deployment options to help suite a variety of scenarios.

Monitoring capabilities are enhanced in breadth and in depth.

Object Tracking, which is the process of defining attributes that will be monitored for an object, has been enhanced.  In this new version, multiple track objects can be configured and bound to WAN ports of managed devices. This allows numerous attributes of WAN ports to be monitored in real-time. It is important to monitor the health and status of WAN ports at all times because the WAN port is where the connection to the internet is established.  Furthermore, HSM for SD-WAN version 5.2 provides additional data point perspectives by monitoring the status of user and application. This extra information enhances context-awareness for security operators, allowing them to make more well-informed decisions.

Device provisioning and management are optimized.

HSM for SD-WAN now supports aggregated interfaces in the zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) template. By forming a link aggregation bundle, a higher overall bandwidth can be reached, the utilization of links can be further optimized, and link load balancing capabilities can be enhanced. As for device management, the new function of batch associating device groups improves the O&M efficiency because users can now manage by group, instead of by a case-by-case basis. Further, HSM for SD-WAN is able to act as a reverse proxy, which allows security operators to remotely access branch devices during the troubleshooting process. 

The HSM for SD-WAN provides organizations with a powerful SD-WAN controller, manager and orchestrator that allows global enterprises to secure the distributed workforce and take their first step toward establishing resiliency.