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Nov 21, 2022

Secure Challenging Cloud Migrations with Hillstone CloudHive V2.9


Cloud” has gradually become an indispensable part of our work. However, while bringing convenient computing and flexible expansion, it also provides heavier challenges to security, such as network paralysis caused by the wanton spread of threats, Operation & Maintenance pressure caused by the continuous growth of businesses, and so on. As a cloud security solution, Hillstone CloudHive provides high visibility into traffic and applications, and delivers complete detection and protection between VMs, which makes the process of migrating to the cloud smoother and safer.

Hillstone Networks is delighted to announce the release of Hillstone CloudHive version 2.9. This new version not only enhances cloud workload protection capabilities, but also makes management easier and more flexible.

Detect Malicious Files with Cloud Sandbox

A sandbox is like a relatively isolated safe cabin, where various programs can be executed, and suspicious ones can be screened out without affecting the entire system. CloudHive V2.9 can identify malicious files through our cloud sandbox. After receiving files of different types and through different protocols, the sandbox will perform a comprehensive analysis. It obliterates the possibility of harmful files spreading, ensuring that apps are protected.

Protect SMB Protocol from Viruses

Anti-Virus (AV) has always been the key to cloud protection – more protocols are scanned and identified, and more potential threats will be discovered and eliminated. This new version adds the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol to the protected list, which is the basis for Microsoft’s Distributed File System implementation, widely used in file sharing, printer sharing, network browsing, and inter-process communication over a network. And so far, the comprehensive protection on AV supports more than 15 types of files and 6 types of protocols in total.

Limit Access by Domain Name

Access control was mainly based on IP addresses in the past – it is a brilliant choice. But is there any other possibility? CloudHive V2.9 introduces domain names to limit access – a considerate choice from machine readable to human readable. It restricts access to assets to specified domain names and supports advanced DNS service. This additional option brings greater feasibility for access control.

Optimizations for Policy Generation

Policies are the general rules in the network. To help users generate policies that meet their unique security requirement is CloudHive’s unremitting pursuit. V2.9 improves policy assistant, which could divide traffic into groups according to service protocols, virtual machines, and business groups. In addition, this new version can also aggregate policies with similar attributes. The optimization of policy generation simplifies the O&M process and promotes policy iteration.

Optimizations for File Backups

The importance of backups cannot be overstated, but there will always be a system failure and you just so happened to forget to do a backup! Rest assured, CloudHive improves the backup mechanism in version 2.9. After selecting an accurate update interval, the backup file will be automatically created and regularly sent out through FTP or SMTP. The optimization minimizes the loss caused by the failed system with enhanced maintainability.

CloudHive builds a security fortress that integrates traffic control, behavior monitoring, and attack defense with the cooperation of each component. With its high compatibility across cloud computing environments, users can implement secure deployment and management in the “Cloud” in a unified and dynamic manner to ensure complete protection.

CloudHive V2.9 is generally available now. For more information, contact your Hillstone sales representative or authorized reseller.