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Oct 17, 2023

Out-Of-The-Box Security Compliance Should Be Part of Your CWPP


A rock-solid cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) is one that offers deep visibility with full security control. It also offers complete security compliance assessments and enforcement out-of-the-box. Does your CWPP fit the bill? Hillstone Networks CloudArmour does.

CloudArmour continually assesses workload compliance posture. When concerns are identified, recommendations based on industry best practices are made. CloudArmour is an important tool for maintaining compliance in Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, and more.

General Data Protection Regulation

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is arguably the most sweeping legislation ever enacted in the fight to maintain data privacy and security among the masses. Regulating authorities take GDPR seriously; enterprises should as well.

Maintaining GDPR data standards is an integral part of CWPP compliance. Not only does the legislation governing how data is collected and stored in the EU and European Economic Area (EEA), but it also regulates how data is transferred outside of the EU and EEA. A CWPP should be designed to help maintain GDPR compliance so that data is never at risk of unauthorized access or disclosure.

Compliant Data Storage

In terms of data storage, numerous jurisdictions have enacted data sovereignty legislation requiring enterprises to store data on servers within specific geographic areas. Data sovereignty is another compliance issue that must be taken seriously. Therefore, your CWPP needs to be able to support data sovereignty rules.

Data Transparency and Auditing

Out-of-the-box compliance is enhanced when organizations are prepared for audits at all times. Being prepared is all about data transparency and reporting. That begs the question of whether your CWPP can generate the real-time data necessary to prove compliance at any given time.

Your organization needs to be able to demonstrate to auditors that compliance is not an issue. In order to do that, your CWPP must be capable of deep dives and accurate reporting. It needs to be able to continually assess the compliance posture of any and all workloads.

Compliance and Full Integration

One last thing to consider is a CWPP’s integration capabilities. To maintain proper compliance, the platform should be easily integrated with every other security tool. It should be fully integrated across the entire IT system regardless of how complex that system is. Why? Because workloads exist across the entire system as well.

With full integration comes advanced threat detection and runtime protection. A CWPP that fully integrates can take advantage of micro-segmentation, unified workload monitoring in real time, dynamic policy enforcement, image and container management, and so much more.

On the other hand, a CWPP with limited integration capabilities can only help maintain compliance within those areas it touches. That means duplicating compliance efforts in every area of the cloud inaccessible to your CWPP. Does that make sense?

Learn More About CloudArmour

The Hillstone Networks approach to cloud workload protection is to address every concern in a single platform. Our approach is to maximize CloudArmour’s capabilities so that it can support not only general compliance requirements, but also those specific requirements that may apply to your organization.

It offers industry-leading transparency and reporting capabilities that make compliance a non-issue during routine audits. You get both rock-solid security and the ability to prove it.

A CWPP is only as good as its ability to maintain compliance. Do not take chances with your cloud. Compliance is not optional, so it makes sense to invest in a CWPP designed specifically to help you maintain it. That is what CloudArmour provides. Contact us to learn how we can deploy it in your cloud.