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Nov 20, 2018

Micro-segmentation – The solution for security and management in virtual environments


Every day we hear, see or read in the news that a new cyber attack has hit the headlines, affecting busineses small and large, across the world. The penalty is usually ransom in exchange for releasing their data.

This has naturally made organizations more concerned about the security of their data, who have taken the decision to increase the investment in security. According to Novared, in 2017 the allocation of resources for cybersecurity grew by 27%. Customers are increasingly looking for suppliers that guarantee the highest level of security for their networks, and that is where micro-segmentation appears, not because it is new, but because all eyes are turned towards it, as a great solution to mitigate threats in virtualized environments.

Unlike perimeter security, micro-segmentation protects the network from east to west traffic, has security policies defined by software, with better performance and a simpler architecture, since the data center is, in effect, distributed in several logical units.

For the implementation, it delivers visibility into traffic flow of the network and the communication patterns of traffic to and from the data center. Therefore, analytical tools are required that allow a mapping to identify the workloads for common characteristics, workloads in the same physical subnet, potentially vulnerable areas and points of inefficiency of the network.

With micro-segmentation of networks as a security option for internal networks, IT security providers are keen to use it as a strategy to deliver security platforms. One of these providers is Hillstone Networks. With Hillstone CloudHive, which provides micro-segmentation technology to ensure each virtual machine (VM) to be deployed in the cloud, customers can ensure the security of their virtualized deployments. It provides full visibility of East-West traffic and offers full protection to stop side attacks between virtual machines. In addition, the CloudHive security service can be easily scaled to meet demand without business interruption.

Having a virtual security strategy of this type has become critical due to the rampant growth of virtualization within the data center. Micro-segmentation of virtual networks allows us to offer not only order, but also visibility, offering security policies for virtual environments.

Hillstone CloudHive is a tool that not only has the ability to micro-segment the virtual network, it also offers security in each virtual environment at layer 7 level, establishing itself as a very powerful tool for data center protection.

Organizations now have a comprehensive strategy to protect their critical data.