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Sep 13, 2022

Increase Your Resilience Through Layered Security with NIPS V4.5


Threats to networks are becoming more complicated and numerous today. Hence, NIPS is critical to any enterprise security system as the first line of defense regarding securing your perimeter. With continuous monitoring of network traffic and largely automated filtering of malicious activities, NIPS reduces workforce investment as well as improves network security. Hillstone Networks now presents the updated NIPS v4.5, which makes breakthroughs in both the native IPS-related functions and an auxiliary proxy function.

Highlights of NIPS v4.5

New Applicable Interface Expansion Module

The expansion modules are available as optional supplements to the interface. Now the IOC-S-4GE-B interface expansion module is applicable to NIPS S600, S1060 and S1560 hardware models.

Optimization for Intrusion Prevention

The core of the NIPS is to recognize malicious traffic and proactively prevent it from entering the network. Since thorough scanning and comprehensive parsing serve as the foundation for recognition, the effectiveness of filtering and blocking is largely dependent on them. The new release optimizes the IPS engine by supporting scanning and parsing Base64-encoded data, and also supports virus filtering and blocking of files transferred with SMB protocol when resuming from a breakpoint.

Optimization for Threat Logs

Threat logs are a valuable source of data and evidence for analyzing novel attacks, as well as a tool for users to better understand the network situation. Therefore, it is beneficial to analyze and convey more thorough threat information. To provide more details, NIPS V4.5 adds the ability to display attack results, classification information and associated user account information in threat logs.

Support DNS Proxy Function

DNS proxy is used to manage DNS queries and forward them to a chosen name server. It sends DNS queries and responses to DNS clients and servers respectively. The DNS Proxy device caches client queries, allowing it to speed up connections for repeated queries. Additionally, Hillstone NIPS v4.5 DNS proxy function has the ability to recognize DNS queries to malicious domains and take appropriate action to mitigate these threats, which increases the security of client access to domains.

To learn more about how NIPS is instrumental in building a cyber-resilient security infrastructure, contact your Hillstone representative or authorized resellers.