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Apr 26, 2022

Hillstone LSM v3.5 Reshapes the License Management Landscape


As compliance standards and enforcement of said standards are increasing both in complexity and volume, license management is becoming more important than ever in streamlining the increasingly complicated security operations. The release of the Hillstone License Management System (LMS) version 3.5 enhances management functionalities to significantly improve ease-of-use, augmenting our value of security that works. There are four key highlights of LMS V3.5, which we will cover below.

Notifications for license expiration and device connection status. In line with our methodology of seeing, it is important to thoroughly understand the statuses of assets and licenses. With this added feature, LMS V3.5 enables life-cycle monitoring for licenses and disconnected devices. This includes the recycling part for expiring or already expired licenses and obsolete devices. This through and through process will nullify any potential negative impacts on a network due to license expiration or unmanaged e-recycling processes.

A blacklist for deprecated VSN licenses. Similar to physical goods that we can recycle, the same applies to old VSN licenses. LMS V3.5 adds deprecated VSN licenses to a blacklist, ensuring that the deprecated VSN can no longer be used. VSN-based products that are no longer in use can still potentially connect to the public network. When those products are unmanaged but not properly deprecated and blacklisted, they can become a backdoor type of vulnerability.

Signature database upgrades over HTTPS. As signatures are still a leading front-line defense for cyber-resilient infrastructures, it is important to be able to update signature databases flexibly and timely.  The new version now supports upgrading the signature database for managed devices over HTTPS to keep the connection secure.

Stay up to date with CloudEdge new license. With so many workloads going virtual, it is important to be compliant and be on top of license management in that space. LMS V3.5 supports managing SR-IOV throughput control license, meeting the management demand of CloudEdge newly added SR-IOV license.

As the cybersecurity landscape is reshaping, we too, much reshape security toward cyber-resilience, and one of the key segments that needs to stay up to par are our management capabilities. The Hillstone LMS V3.5 will help close that gap. For more information, contact your Hillstone representative or authorized reseller.