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Jun 29, 2015

Garrat-Callahan Dramatically Increases Network Performance


The Garratt-Callahan IT department saw a dramatic increase in network and application performance with the Hillstone solution. The better network performance allowed the IT department to allocate appropriate bandwidth to more mission-critical processes. In addition to network improvement, it also reported on malware, ARP attacks and other threats that Garratt-Callahan’s existing solution was not capturing and logging.


With the Hillstone solution, here are some of the benefits for Garratt-Callahan:

  • More visibility into application traffic
  • More visibility into the details of attacks – times, dates and origination
  • Ability to easily change policies to address attacks
  • Support for approximately 5000 orders a month and scaling


To read more about the environment, the specific challenges and the full breadth of benefits for Garratt-Callahan, please read the case study