Hillstone StoneOS 5.5R6 is the latest software update of the Hillstone Next-Generation Firewall platform, which includes E-Series NGFW, T-Series iNGFW, X-Series Data Center Firewall and CloudEdge Virtual NGFW. This update addresses the ever-changing landscape of threats with expanded features and partnerships to close the loop on cyber-attacks—from the enterprise network to the cloud.

Read about five key updates and learn how you can benefit from the update and take advantage of the latest security features.

Full Lifecycle-based Threat Detection and Prevention.

StoneOS provides a multi-layered defense across the entire threat lifecycle. This update further strengthens your investment in Hillstone products with new technologies and improved abilities that detect and prevent breaches. Stone OS 5.5R6 enables different levels of protection in three critical stages: pre-breach, breach, and post-breach. With this update, organizations are able to manage the entire threat lifecycle without adding additional solutions.

Each of the threat lifecycle stages has their own set of risks—Hillstone addresses them all with the following newly added security services.

  • IP reputation: Identify and filter traffic from risky IPs such as botnet hosts, spammers, Tor nodes, breached hosts, and brute force attacks
  • Botnet Command and Control (C&C) detection: Discover intranet botnet hosts by monitoring C&C connections, blocking further advanced threats such as botnet and ransomware
  • Enhanced Cloud Sandbox: Support the static analytic only mode which will execute static MD5 detection without uploading the file to the cloud, leveraging more than 1 billion malicious file samples, exponentially increasing the known virus detection rate.

Why is IPv6 Important in Network Security?

The transition from IPv4 to IPv6 brings up more security challenges to the network, and it requires that the modern NGFW can provide comprehensive visibility, deep security, and advanced configuration capabilities across a combination of IPv4 and IPv6 traffic. While full migration to IPv6 is a matter of time, with Hillstone StoneOS 5.5R6, you’re ready now to make the move to better security.

  • Full security for IPv6: Security features including application identification and control, firewall, IPS, Anti-virus, URL filtering etc.
  • Networking adaptability: IPv6 tunneling, DNS64/NAT64, and more, IPv6 routing protocols, static routing, policy routing, ISIS, RIPng, OSPFv3 and BGP4+ , IPSec. vSYS, and more
  • Ease of Operations and Management: Improved web UI support provides easier configuration, IPv6 traffic monitoring, and advanced statistic and logging

Enhanced Authentication and Access Control in More Scenarios.

The new version of Stone OS enables organizations to support more advanced authentication scenarios required when supporting workforces across all devices. With this update, Hillstone enables organizations to embrace the challenges of modern authentication and access control in support of improved workforce productivity.

  • Support MAC-based wireless user authentication: For better connectivity and security in DHCP scenarios
  • Improved endpoint identification and control: Provides enhancements that detect all endpoint accesses to the network, identify their statuses and related information, and perform the necessary controls for unauthorized accesses like unauthorized hotspots
  • Optimized web authentication: The optimized authentication configurations and logic improve the overall user experience

Advanced Network Operation and Management Capability.

StoneOS 5.5R6 streamlines time-consuming administrative tasks, including traffic monitoring, policy configuration, and execution, relieving network admins to focus on the business and less on daily maintenance tasks.

  • Netflow: Support Netflow protocol v9.0 to collect data, and send network traffic to external platforms for traffic analytics and monitoring.
  • Advanced policy groups: Enables policy management in groups, providing admins of large enterprises to manage large amounts of policies in a more efficient manner
  • Policy configuration rollback: Provides the ability to rollback policy configurations without rebooting the device, allowing admins to tune their configurations efficiently
  • Upgrades Hillstone CloudEdge for Better, More Robust Protection for Cloud Infrastructures.

    StoneOS 5.5R6 improves and simplifies protection of cloud or multi-cloud infrastructures. Additionally, the update removes several challenges for customers wanting to migrate to more modern cloud infrastructures. With this update, Hillstone CloudEdge ensures your cloud deployment is highly available and that connections between the various cloud platforms are protected.

    • Introduces high-performance model to meet more user scenarios, single imaging for different models, with a seamless upgrade without reinstallation
    • CloudEdge supports SSL decryption and offloading
    • High availability for Cloud protection
    • Support an IKEv2-enabled, secured VPN connection between Clouds

    Upgrade to Hillstone StoneOS 5.5R6 Today!

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