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Hillstone  Live Webinar

Thrive with CloudHive, Your Micro-segmentation Solution

In the post-breach world we live in, micro-segmentation solutions have become more important than ever in the cybersecurity space. As such, we cordially invite you to our webinar on CloudHive, Hillstone’s proprietary cloud-based micro-segmentation solution.

Join us to learn why micro-segmentation is imperative in today’s cybersecurity climate, how CloudHive will provide you with omnidirectional traffic protection you need within the cloud environment, view a demo on CloudHive’s functionalities, and examine a micro-segmentation case study.

RSVP your spot today, so you can begin your journey to see, understand, and act against today’s cybersecurity threats!

July 22, GMT+8, 10:00 AM

July 22, GMT-5, 10:00 AM

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