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Modernizing Your Enterprise WAN Needs

Next-Gen SD-WAN Building on a Secure Foundation

Secure SD-WAN for distributed enterprises

Businesses have an insatiable demand for bandwidth and connectivity.

With enterprise connectivity needs scaling up endlessly, the industry has adapted by supplying various new methods of ensuring connectivity. However, with the introduction of these new methods comes a mounting increase in new security vulnerabilities and new threat attack surfaces. This immense increase in threats has seemingly nullified the rise in connectivity technology. This can be mitigated by establishing a cyber-resilient security infrastructure – one that can flexibly endure waves of threats and act quickly to mitigate multilayer and multistage threats. As connectivity is key in today’s environment and business needs, security must first be implemented at that layer.

The SD-WAN Solution is the core foundation of establishing a cyber-resilient security infrastructure, establishing security at the connectivity layer.

Download the whitepaper and learn how the SD-WAN solution can:
  • Ensure cost-efficiency: ZTP allows for economies of scale, even with limitless expansion. This works well with the new hybrid workforce reality, and the new “branch of one” reality.
  • Create a highly available network: Centralized management ensures comprehensive visibility, control, and availability of the network at all times.
  • Support diverse traffic patterns and flexible locations: ZTP allows for central storage of all configurations and deployment scenarios. This streamlines the configuration process for both connectivity and security, thereby simplifying the onboarding process of new branches.
  • Allow contextual awareness: One way that contextual awareness is achieved on the connectivity side is through intelligent routing. This capability takes the service, bandwidth availability, and other factors into account when determining which links to use. Manual configuration is available as well. One way that contextual awareness is achieved on the security side is through smart operations and policy management.
  • Embody a security-centric approach: Hillstone’s secure SD-WAN solution is built with a security-first mindset. It provides the necessary connectivity and scalability needs while guaranteeing comprehensive security that works.

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