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Hillstone  Live Webinar

Hillstone’s SD-WAN Solution: Convergence of the A-Series and HSM

The distributed enterprise and the hybrid workforce are the new norm. In the hopes of converging connectivity with security, Hillstone Networks has made investments in its SD-WAN controller solution and its CPE devices. With the newly released HSM v5.1 acting as a standalone SD-WAN controller, and the newly minted, StoneOS 5.5R9-enhanced A-series NGFW acting as the CPE device, Hillstone brings to you the pinnacle and convergence of security and connectivity: the new and improved standalone SD-WAN solution.

In this month’s Hillstone webinar, we will be discussing the following:

  • The distributed enterprise and its impact on the maturation of SD-WAN solutions
  • Pain points to be solved by SD-WAN
  • Hillstone’s SD-WAN solution: a combination of HSM + NGFW
  • Introduction and Demo of HSM v5.1

As the world is coming out of its pandemic-stricken status quo, it is critical to ensure your security posture is cyber resilient. You can do this by enabling your security infrastructure and security team the ability to see, understand, and act. Reserve your spot now, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Feb 23, GMT-5, 10:00 AM

US Central Time

Feb 24, GMT+8, 11:00 AM


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