Layered Defense for Each Stage of a Threat

Hillstone’s enterprise security and risk management solutions provide a multi-layered threat defense across the entire threat lifecycle, which enables different levels of protection in three critical stages: pre-breach, breach, and post-breach. Each of the threat lifecycle stages has its own set of risks, Hillstone addresses each risk with specialized security services:

Addressing Risk Management at each Stage of a Breach

server breach defense modules

Preventing a breach

Anti-Spam: Real-time spam classification and prevention regardless of the language, format or content to prevent enterprise from the spams.

Intrusion Prevention: Detect and prevent the network intrusions with the unparalleled detection rate and the best customer value.

IP Reputation: Identify and filter traffic from risky IPs such as botnet hosts, spammers, Tor nodes, breached hosts, and brute force attacks

URL Filtering: Dynamic web filtering with real-time categorization and database update to identify malicious web content and filter URLs.

Anti-Virus: Effectively detect and block known malwares with an advanced malware signature database.

Detect and prevent threat during a breach

Anti-Virus: Effectively detect and block known malwares with an advanced malware signature database

Sandbox: An advanced threat detection platform that instantiates a safe execution environment to analyze and identify malicious content, and collaborate with existing solutions to provide rapid remediation.

Detect and mitigate risk post-breach

Botnet C&C Prevention: Discover intranet botnet hosts by monitoring C&C connections, blocking further advanced threats such as botnet and ransomware

StoneShield: Leverages machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to detect and prevent unknown malware and anomalous network behavior within the network.