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Hillstone XDR Webinar

Learn how Hillstone’s Extended Detection and Response (XDR) provides enterprise security teams with a new tool to protect against cyberattacks, unauthorized access and misuse.

Topics covered in this webinar:

  • Eliminating Alert Fatigue: by intelligently analyzing and aggregating siloed data into context-aware, actionable alerts.
  • Stopping Data Breaches: enabling Hillstone’s XDR enables teams to maximize security infrastructure utilization to reduce vulnerabilities.
  • Adaptive Threat Landscape: learn how Hillstone’s XDX solutions countermeasures utilize a wider spectrum of data points to pinpoint threats/vulnerabilities.
  • Security Modernization: how to adopt cyber resiliency, taking advantage of Hillstone XDR’s ability to comprehensively see, deeply understand, and quickly act.
  • Gain Cyber-Resilience: With Hillstone Networks, shift your security posture towards resilience, understanding that every defensive strategy has a potential vulnerability. Resilient networks are able to withstand an attack as mitigations are put in place

In a recent survey by Frost & Sullivan, nearly 40% of respondents mentioned the lack of awareness about data breach implications as a major obstacle in improving their security posture. The report also found the majority of security leaders planned to respond to rising cyber risks by modernizing security infrastructure, collecting more data about threats and incidents, reducing incidents, and getting better visibility into user behavior. For instance, silos created from security solutions that cannot communicate automatically between themselves result in costs and time spent manually integrating them and result in staff burnout. Hillstone’s XDR solution iSource addresses these concerns with a pragmatic, easy-to-use product that enterprise security teams are adopting.

Who should attend:

  • SecOps: for security practitioners, with evolving threats and adversaries in combination with a shortage of security talent, it’s impossible to keep up with alerts. You’ll see firsthand how Hillstone’s XDR solution, iSource addresses endless alerts.
  • NetOps: for networking practitioners, Hillstone’s XDR provides the insights needed to produce a secure network.
  • CISOs: for CISOs, XDR provides Extended Detection, Extended Analysis, and Extended Response all in one solution. It reduces false positives and enables team to focus on the threats that matter.

Frost & Sullivan Whitepaper: How XDR Solves Tomorrow’s Biggest Security Challenges

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