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Hillstone  On-demand Webinar

Secure your web applications and APIs with Hillstone’s WAF Solution

As the Summer comes to a close and the cutest season gets ready to “fall” in — “aww-tumn” — we here at Hillstone Networks cordially invite you to learn about our inaugural “autumn-mated” Web Application Firewall. Without further ado, let’s put on our “har” vests and gather round.

In an attempt to accommodate the world’s rapidly changing threats — due to the exponential expansion of web applications and services — the Web Application Firewall is critical for ensuring comprehensive security.

The Hillstone WAF leverages dual operating engines – a signature database and semantic analysis – to provide enterprise-level security against the OWASP top 10 threats.

In this webinar, we will show:
● Why the Web Application Firewall is becoming more essential than ever and what WAF defends against compared to other security products.
● How Hillstone’s WAF defends against known and unknown threats.
● A demonstration of Hillstone WAF’s user interface so you can see why our products are known for being user-friendly.

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