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Hillstone On Demand Webinar

Modernizing the Enterprise Edge with Secure SD-WAN

AvidThink + Hillstone Networks

We can’t wait to share with you one of cybersecurity’s hottest topics, the software-defined wide area network, or SD-WAN, for short. In an attempt to accommodate the world’s rapidly changing need for scalability, intelligent routing, security, and others, the SD-WAN solution has the potential to cover all pain points and has hence been rapidly adopted by enterprises globally.

In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why the SD-WAN solution is necessary and what elements we must be wary of when implementing a successful SD-WAN solution.
  • How Hillstone’s latest SD-WAN solution could be the remedy your business currently needs
  • A demonstration of the Hillstone SD-WAN solution’s new WebUI

You won’t want to miss this discussion; register to watch now!

Featured Presenters

Roy Chua

Founder and Principal



Tim Liu

CTO & Co-founder

Hillstone Networks

Gary Wang

Product Mktg Manager

Hillstone Networks

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