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Hillstone On Demand Webinar

AI-Driven XDR: Bringing a
New Approach to Cybersecurity

Forrester + Hillstone Networks

As cyberattacks and threats are becoming multilayer and multistage, and we transition into an era of post-breach detection, a simple castle-and-moat security scheme will no longer suffice. Instead what is needed is a cyber-resilient infrastructure — one that can withstand threats and bounce back quickly. The XDR solution is able to see, by leveraging log parsing algorithms to collect data from point devices all across the security infrastructure. It is able to understand, by performing threat correlation analysis on the aforementioned siloed data to create contextual awareness and remediate false positives. Finally, XDR is able to act, by delineating necessary action steps via templated or customizable playbooks.

Join Tim Liu, CTO and Co-founder at Hillstone Networks, and guest, Allie Mellen, Analyst at Forrester, in this recorded on-demand webinar session. Allie begins by discussing what Forrester is seeing in the market based on XDR, EDR and SOAR research. Tim follows the discussion by reviewing how Hillstone’s iSource brings a radical new approach to cybersecurity with unrivaled security operation efficiency.

You won’t want to miss this discussion—register today and begin reshaping your security toward cyber-resiliency. In this new post-breach and unpredictable era, that is key to creating security that works!

Featured Presenters

Allie Forrester

Allie Mellen

Analyst, Forrester


Tim Liu

CTO & Co-founder, Hillstone Networks

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