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Hillstone Press Release

Hillstone Networks Raises the Bar with Integrative Cyber Security

by | Apr 24, 2023

An integrative cyber security strategy brings Coverage, Control and Consolidation to the global enterprise.

Hillstone Networks, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, has announced a new approach to helping customers achieve cyber resilience with integrative cybersecurity solutions that address the gaps in security and challenges faced by CISOs and security professionals. This integrative approach brings coverage, control, and consolidation to protect global enterprises from multilayer, multistage cyberattacks.

“Digital transformation is a priority for every company, and a challenge for every IT organization, as data drives the business and is now generated, processed, and analyzed everywhere – in the datacenter, on the edge, in one or multiple clouds,” states Tim Liu, CTO and Co-founder at Hillstone Networks. “Today’s CISOs are facing challenges from every direction as they address a rapidly evolving infrastructure, a fast-changing threat landscape, and increasing complexity and costs. Our approach delivers a streamlined, centralized, and scalable platform to help CISO’s enhance their organization’s cyber resilience and protect critical assets.”

Hillstone Networks’ integrative cyber security approach tackles cybersecurity head-on in three critical areas: securing the networks, mitigating the threats, and protecting the workloads. This approach is continuously enhanced through unwavering commitment to innovation and new product releases.

Secure the Networks: Zero Trust Starts Here

Hillstone Networks’ Future-ready Network Security solutions provide a strong foundation for zero-trust architecture, delivering adaptive security that can scale as business demands.

For hyperscale data centers, the newly announced Hillstone X25812 Data Center Firewall delivers high availability and high scalability with a up to 3.5 Tbps firewall throughput, 720 million concurrent connections and 19 million new sessions per second. It comes with robust security features and advanced network capabilities for large enterprises, Carriers and ISPs, while maintaining energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint.

Mitigate the Threats: Before they attack you

Hillstone’s AI-powered Threat Detection and Responsecanfind and mitigate attacks before they have a chance to exploit the most vital asset in the enterprise – data.

Hillstone Networks Breach Detection System (BDS) is at the forefront of this effort, with the recent release of version 3.7 offering expanded functionality to better protect against network attacks and threats. It supports the MITRE ATT&CK framework to improve threat detection, automate asset discovery and deepen its integration with Hillstone iSource XDR solution for unified threat management.

Protect the Workloads: Wherever they run

Hillstone’s Uncompromising Cloud Workload Protection solutions ensure an enterprise’s data environment and workload are fully secure.

With granular network micro-segmentation and patented traffic steering technology, Hillstone latest version of CloudArmour is upgraded with powerful anti-virus capability that delivers enhanced threat protection and deeper visibility into cloud workloads, so that organizations can embrace a cyber-resilient cloud infrastructure.

To learn more about Hillstone Networks’ Integrative Cyber Security solutions, visit the Hillstone experts during RSAC 2023, at #1155 Moscone South, in San Francisco, from April 24th – April 27th.

About Hillstone Networks

Hillstone Networks is a leader in cybersecurity, delivering both depth and breadth of protection to companies of all sizes, from edge to cloud, and across any workload. Hillstone Networks’ Integrative Cyber Security approach brings coverage, control, and consolidation to more than 26,000 enterprises worldwide.

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