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Hillstone Press Release

Hillstone Networks is Named in Microsegmentation Solutions Landscape Report

by | Apr 24, 2024

Hillstone Networks delivers advanced Microsegmentation across different verticals.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–Hillstone Networks, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, has been included in the Forrester Microsegmentation Solutions Landscape, Q2 2024 report. The report offers an overview of the Microsegmentation market, focused on the vendors who deliver solutions for protection of critical resources, combating ransomware, and contributing to compliance adherence. The report provides security professionals a snapshot of these named vendors, considering factors such as size, geographic focus, and use cases to select the most suitable option for their targeted use cases or needs. 

In the Landscape Report, Forrester states that “Zero Trust is all about replacing bodies of implicit trust with explicit policy. In physical and virtual networks, the application of this principle is referred to as microsegmentation…. [It] was one of the first true Zero Trust technologies developed after Forrester published the initial Zero Trust reports.”  

Forrester states in the report that the main trendis “organizations are finally getting serious about Zero Trust. Some, proactively, are implementing microsegmentation as part of a Zero Trust strategy or initiative. Others are implementing it because they got hit by ransomware and are trying to avoid it again. But all of them are doing Zero Trust with microsegmentation.”

“Being recognized as a vendor in the Microsegmentation solution landscape underscores for us the pivotal role our technology plays in safeguarding critical assets and thwarting ransomware threats. We believe it reaffirms our commitment to providing cutting-edge security measures built on an innovative and AI-powered platform that help our customers defend against evolving cyber risks, ensuring resilience and trust,” states Tim Liu, CTO and Co-founder at Hillstone Networks.

Hillstone’s Microsegmentation solution provides the following key benefits:

  • Advanced and extensive Microsegmentation for physical servers, virtual machines, cloud hosts, and containers, seamlessly compatible with multiple platforms.
  • Comprehensive, integrated Layer 4 to 7 security and malware features (Next Generation Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, AntiVirus, URL filtering, DDoS, and bot defense), and complete vulnerability management across the entire application lifecycle.
  • Distributed architecture for easy scaling and portability.
  • Centralized and comprehensive visibility to reduce gaps in the threat surface.

Learn more about Hillstone Networks solutions here.

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Hillstone Networks’ Integrative Cybersecurity approach is based on a visionary, AI-powered, and accessible platform, delivering coverage, control, and consolidation to secure over 28,000 global enterprises.

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