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Hillstone Networks is Named in Enterprise Firewall Landscape Report

by | May 29, 2024

Hillstone Networks Integrative Cybersecurity portfolio includes future-ready, AI-powered firewall platforms supporting all workloads and deployment scenarios.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ –, Hillstone Networks, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, has been included in the Forrester Enterprise Firewall Landscape, Q2 2024 report. The Forrester Landscape Reports offer an overview of a designated market with a snapshot of the selected vendors with the aim of providing insights to enterprises who are looking for a suitable solution for their business needs and IT environments.

In the Enterprise Firewall Landscape Report, Forrester provides the following definition: Organizations that haven’t gone completely to the cloud (which is most of them) rely on enterprise firewalls (EFWs) as a critical security mechanism to protect enterprise traffic. Once referred to as “next-generation firewalls(NGFWs),” these solutions have grown in capability … to meet changes in the threat landscape, incorporate technology advances, and meet the needs of organizations adopting Zero Trust … across hybrid topologies.”

“We are very happy to see the inclusion in the Forrester Report. The Hillstone flagship product is the Next Generation Firewall platform, spanning on-prem to hybrid and multicloud deployments, and delivering feature-rich network security that lays a solid foundation for a zero-trust architecture,” states Tim Liu, CTO and Co-founder at Hillstone Networks, “These solutions are adaptable and scalable to accommodate diverse business needs as demonstrated by our global customers.”

Forrester cites consolidation as the main trend, stating that vendors are consolidating multiple features and capabilities into one platform. This is in-line with Hillstone’s Integrative Cybersecurity portfolio, with coverage, control, and consolidation as the core tenets. From containers to clouds and servers to SaaS, an Integrative Cybersecurity strategy provides adaptive protection and coverage for any environment, ensuring resilience against evolving threats. The platform is adaptive and puts the enterprise in control, while reducing complexity through consolidation of point products.

Learn more about Hillstone Networks future-ready network security solutions here.

About Hillstone Networks

Hillstone Networks’ Integrative Cybersecurity approach is based on visionary, AI-powered, and accessible platform, delivering coverage, control, and consolidation to secure over 28,000 global enterprises. Hillstone is a trusted leader in cybersecurity, protecting critical assets and infrastructure, from edge to cloud, regardless of where workloads reside. Learn more at

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