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Hillstone Press Release

Hillstone Networks Delivers on A visionary, AI-powered, and Accessible Cybersecurity Platform to Secure Global Enterprises from Edge to Cloud

by | May 6, 2024

RSAC 2024: Hillstone Networks to Showcase Integrative Cybersecurity Solutions at Moscone Center, San Francisco

SANTA CLARA, Calif.– Hillstone Networks, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, is sponsoring RSAC 2024 with a fresh approach to bolstering cyber resilience for enterprise businesses, tackling the security gaps and complexities that confront CISOs and security experts. This innovative approach is built on an AI-powered platform, ensuring an accessible and seamless experience for customers and eliminating the layers of cost and complexity that are associated with deploying and integrating multiple-point products.

“The digital landscape demands robust cybersecurity measures that help businesses navigate the complexity of data processing and analysis across disparate platforms to ensure cyber resilience and protection of the expanding enterprise attack surface. With infrastructure evolving rapidly and threats becoming increasingly sophisticated, CISOs face mounting pressures,” states Tim Liu, CTO and Co-founder at Hillstone Networks. “Hillstone’s centralized and scalable platform aims to empower CISOs to fortify their organization’s cyber resilience and safeguard critical assets effectively.”

Hillstone Networks addresses cybersecurity concerns in three pivotal areas, embodying innovation by delivering AI-powered solutions that are accessible to customers small and large:

  • Future-ready Network Security: Hillstone pioneered the first Intelligent Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) in 2014, showing the vision and engineering expertise to deliver on innovation. Spanning from on-prem to hybrid and multicloud deployments, Hillstone Networks delivers feature-rich network security solutions that lay a solid foundation for a zero-trust architecture. These solutions are adaptable and scalable to accommodate diverse business needs. The Hillstone Data Center Firewall caters specifically to hyperscale data centers, boasting a fully distributed architecture with advanced security features tailored for service providers and large enterprises.
  • Ai-powered Threat Detection & Response: Cyber threats like ransomware, supply chain attacks, and zero-day vulnerabilities are a staple in news headlines, targeting businesses of all sizes. Establishing AI as an emerging technology with security capabilities for enterprise security from the core to the cloud is essential. Hillstone Networks delivers an AI-powered Threat Detection and Response solution to proactively identify and mitigate potential attacks. Using advanced machine learning, Hillstone’s NDR and XDR solutions detect and analyze anomalies and correlations to prevent and mitigate threats automatically.
  • Uncompromising Cloud Workload Protection: Hillstone Networks’ Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) ensures robust security for cloud-based applications and workloads across various deployment models and environments. With features like Microsegmentation technology and machine learning-based threat detection, Hillstone CloudArmour provides comprehensive protection for cloud infrastructures.

Learn more about Hillstone Networks’ innovative solution by visiting our website or the Hillstone Networks booth in #S1149 during RSAC 2024, at Moscone South, in San Francisco.

About Hillstone Networks

Hillstone Networks’ Integrative Cybersecurity approach is based on visionary, AI-powered, and accessible platform, delivering coverage, control, and consolidation to secure over 28,000 global enterprises. Hillstone is a trusted leader in cybersecurity, protecting critical assets and infrastructure, from edge to cloud, regardless of where workloads reside. Learn more at .

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