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Hillstone Press Release

Hillstone Networks Delivers Enterprise Application Security for Cloud Environments

by | Sep 14, 2021

High-performance web app firewall defends against OWASP Top 10 threats

SANTA CLARA, Calif – September 14, 2021 Hillstone Networks, a leading provider of infrastructure protection solutions, is pleased to announce the release of Hillstone virtual Web Application Firewall (vWAF) as part of its full breadth of cybersecurity solutions. vWAF addresses and protects against the barrage of vulnerabilities that are regularly reported in Web applications and pose a significant threat to an enterprise’s security posture.

With vWAF, customers can fully secure applications that span multiple data centers or clouds. With proactive Layer-7 security, it detects and defends against attacks at both the network layer (DDoS attacks, flood attacks, scan and spoof, etc.), at the application layer (injection attacks, cross site scripting attacks, SQL injection, etc.), as well as specific files (.docx, .jpg). vWAF protects against OWASP Top 10 threats, including addressing broken authentication (illegal access) with an automated protection process.      

vWAF highlights include:

  • Machine-Learning-driven semantic analysis, policy optimization and unknown attack defense together help detect and fix vulnerabilities, and identify and protect against threats.  
  • Improved detection accuracy delivered with context and connotation, so that security admins have a clear understanding of the threat and its impact.
  • Advanced API protection secures against excessive data exposure and increased attack surfaces, ensuring the integrity of the app development environment.

“Your network may be secure, but what about the applications running in your virtual environments? Protection doesn’t stop at the network perimeter, and web applications are strife with vulnerabilities,” says Tim Liu, co-founder and CTO, Hillstone Networks, “Our customers are looking to us to secure, maintain and enhance app performance due to the challenges and complexities they face. Hillstone vWAF is built to protect and defend against vulnerabilities with a distributed and scalable solution.”

Click here for more information on Hillstone’s virtual WAF solution.

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