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Hillstone Press Release

Hillstone Announces CloudView, a Cloud-based Security Management and Analytics Service

by | Oct 5, 2017

CloudView is the first SaaS offering in the Hillstone Security Service Platform, expanding on Hillstone’s vision of layered security

Santa Clara, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–
Hillstone Networks a leading provider of network security solutions, today announced Hillstone CloudView, a new SaaS offering that delivers security management and analytics services in the cloud. With the 24/7 mobile and web access from anywhere on any devices, it delivers optimal customer experience along with optimized security management and operational efficiency.

Hillstone CloudView empowers security administrators to take swift action. It provides real-time centralized monitoring of multiple devices, traffic and threat analytics, real-time notifications, as well as comprehensive reporting and log retention.

“CloudView is the perfect security management solution for customers who want an affordable initial investment, no deployment or maintenance overhead, that is easy to use and access,” said Lingling Zhang, VP of Product and Marketing, “It is the first of multiple key offerings in the SaaS platform delivered by Hillstone to complement our portfolio of network security solutions.”

Organizations can access CloudView anywhere, anytime, from any device, to monitor their critical assets and key benefits include:

  • Real-time System and Traffic Monitoring. Hillstone CloudView centrally manages and monitors the status and traffic information for all supported Hillstone devices, no matter the hardware or deployment model – whether virtual, in the perimeter, server front or in the cloud.
  • In-depth Threat Analysis and Monitoring. With a global view of the threat landscape, and the details of threat events analysis and monitoring, customers can easily monitor the network health, and get notified of any abnormal behavior or attacks targeted on their network, to take prompt action to mitigate the threat.
  • Comprehensive Log Retention and Reporting. Cloud-based log retention features give customers the flexibility to retain logs for longer periods of time with lower initial investment. It helps customers meet regulatory or compliance requirements.

CloudView comes in affordable, flexible payment models that include an essential and professional edition. Easily deployable, CloudView is offered in two flavors:

  • Essential Edition is a free subscription that includes all the essential features such as device monitoring, threat monitoring, log and reporting, real-time message and alarms.
  • Professional Edition is a pay-per-usage model that includes all features in the Essential Edition, along with upgraded log retention and threat analytics capability.

CloudView is available for download at

About Hillstone Networks, Inc.

Hillstone Networks’ Layered Threat Protection provides continuous threat defense at traditional perimeters, internal networks and their critical assets, down to each virtual machine. Established in 2006 by NetScreen, Cisco and Juniper executives, Hillstone Networks is relied on by more than 14,000 customers around the world, including Fortune 500 companies, higher education, financial institutions and service providers. Hillstone Networks’ US headquarters is located in Sunnyvale, California. To learn more, visit



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