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Hillstone Press Release

Getecom Gains Competitive Advantage with FWaaS solution from Hillstone Networks

by | Oct 24, 2023

Getecom deploys Hillstone FWaaS to drive service differentiation and deploy CGNAT capabilities for migration to IPv6

SANTA CLARA, Calif.– Hillstone Networks, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, has been chosen by Getecom (Generación Tecnológica de Comunicaciones S.L) to boost its competitive advantage through Hillstone’s FwaaS (firewall as a service) solution.

With a wide range of ISP services, as well as consulting services serving small and medium-sized customers in Spain and other countries, Getecom’s main challenge was to address IPv4 exhaustion and create new service revenue streams.

The fast-growing company also faced other challenges, such as finding a way to differentiate its service offerings for end customers in order to increase revenue, reduce customer churn and increase overall customer satisfaction. Additionally, Getecom faced the challenge of rapid IPv4 address exhaustion, coupled with salvaging a significant investment in the existing IPv4 infrastructure.

Through extensive research, the Getecom team determined that a firewalls-as-a-service (FWaaS) offering would be a viable solution for its small and medium-sized customer base. Through this cloud-based managed service, customers would gain enhanced security and compliance without the need for a large upfront investment in hardware and the personnel required to manage it. In addition, CGNAT (carrier-grade network address translation) has become the best practice for migrating from IPv4 to IPv6, preserving existing investments and positioning the company for future growth.

The team initiated a project to design, develop, test and deploy a next-generation firewall for the data center that met both objectives. The NGFW needed to have the flexibility to support multi-tenancy with strict segregation to protect each customer’s sensitive information, while supporting CGNAT services for Getecom and its customers.

A flexible and robust solution for FWaaS and CGNAT

After testing a vendor’s data center firewall, it was found to lack features and flexibility. Getecom focused on Hillstone Networks’ X-Series data center firewalls. The X-Series is designed specifically for service providers such as Getecom, as well as large enterprise data centers. It can scale up to 3.5 Tbps throughput and supports up to 1,000 virtual firewalls in a multi-user configuration.

The key to the flexibility of the X-Series lies in its patented Elastic Firewall architecture, which allows network and application-layer traffic to be processed independently. This, in turn, promotes linear scalability that helps future-proof the infrastructure. In addition, the X-Series can operate in Twin-Mode, a unique feature that can ensure continuous data center security across geographies and even during extended outages.

“The project exceeded our expectations” says Alfonso Anaya, CTO of Getecom. “This encourages us to continue working on the path that we set ourselves years ago at Getecom: to customize our services through a high-quality design and technical support, with a 360º vision that allows us to cover various areas, including cybersecurity. The constant advancement of digital transformation processes and the intensification of cyber threats makes the implementation of cybersecurity measures increasingly necessary. At Getecom we have been investing for years in training, resources and devices to offer our customers the best alternatives and we are therefore very grateful to Hillstone Europe for this opportunity” he continues.

“Customers were eager to adopt the new FWaaS offering, recognizing the cost savings and greatly improved security of their networks. Customer feedback was very positive, with particular mention of the security and performance of the new service,” concludes Anaya.

Using Hillstone’s HSM security manager, Getecom personnel can remotely monitor, manage and maintain the security of customer networks, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The service offers advanced security features such as VPN, intrusion prevention, command-and-control botnet protection, and application control.

Customers are protected against a wide range of threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing, DoS attacks, data breaches and more.

The CGNAT service was deployed in record time thanks to the intuitive X-Series interface, and addresses the initial problem of IPv4 exhaustion with the ability to scale in the future as network traffic demands.

The results

As a result, Getecom gained a popular new security service offering and support for IPv6 migration.  Through the Hillstone X-Series data center firewall, the Getecom team has achieved two main goals: to offer a new cloud-based security solution for its customers, and to address the rapid depletion of IPv4 addresses. Customer satisfaction and loyalty have improved thanks to the high quality and reliable FWaaS service, and Getecom plans to continue to grow and expand its services in the future.

About Getecom

Getecom (Generación Tecnológica de Telecomunicaciones) provides consultancy, design, construction, management, auditing, maintenance and support services for telecommunications networks throughout Spain, along with other services that complete this ecosystem: technological solutions for cybersecurity, IPTV television, IP virtual switchboard, green energy and socio-health telecommunications.

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