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Cybersecurity, the most important challenge for Modatelas met with help from Hillstone Networks

by | Sep 25, 2023

SANTA CLARA, Calif.– Hillstone Networks, a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions, succeeded in 30 days in upgrading the entire cybersecurity infrastructure at 345 Modatelas branches nationwide.

Modatelas, based in Mexico, is focused on the commercialization of tex and products related to the manufacturing of garments, with more than 32 years of presence in the Mexican market and 345 branches distributed nationwide. It also has stores in Guatemala and Honduras.

In order to modernize its technological infrastructure, Modatelas undertook a development and innovation plan that would allow it to remain at the forefront while keeping a close eye on the investment issue, since the pandemic imposed the challenge of maintaining the company’s growth while taking care of and maximizing the available economic resources.

In the area of cybersecurity, Modatelas’ main need was to update its perimeter security devices in all branches, since they were no longer technologically efficient; in addition, the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) processes had become more complicated, as well as the service levels.

According to Victor Ravell, IT Director of Grupo Modatelas, before launching the project, they carried out research to analyze the best options available in the market. And it was with the advice of Buró Mexicano de Consultores en Seguridad Informática (BuróMC), a company dedicated to the implementation of comprehensive IT solutions and cybersecurity specialist, that they learned about the technological advantages offered by the manufacturer Hillstone Networks.

“All the brands analyzed, Cisco, Sophos, SonicWall and Hillstone, could meet the requirements of SD-WAN, content filtering, Web browsing, perimeter security, etc. However, in Hillstone’s equipment all these functionalities were already embedded, while in the others it was necessary to pay extra for each module, which exorbitantly increased the price. Therefore, when we included the price factor in the analysis, Hillstone became the most viable option to carry out the project,” explained Ravell.

The pilot test was carried out in a single branch office for 45 days, during which time it was proven that the solutions worked efficiently and, above all, adapted to the needs of Modatelas, particularly that they had SD-WAN technology.

Once it was determined that Hillstone was the ideal brand for this project, the new challenge was to meet a 30-day delivery time for the migration and commissioning of the 345 devices, located in the corporate center, branches and distribution centers. To achieve this goal, Buró MC assigned a team of 8 engineers, who had the full support of Hillstone’s commercial and engineering department to guarantee delivery times and solve any problems that might arise.

“At first I was doubtful that they would be able to meet the project timeline, especially since in pandemics everyone was suffering from supply chain problems. However, the Hillstone team proved that having immediate availability was not only a selling point but made it tangible by delivering the amount of equipment needed for the initial phase, then had the rest of the devices brought in from the U.S. and other locations. This was an impressive logistical capability, which was key to achieving the implementation goal in just 30 days,” said Victor Ravell.

Once the devices were available in Mexico, Fabiola Hernandez, Branch Technical Support Manager, Antuan Minero, Communications Manager and Miguel Montiel, Infrastructure Manager of Grupo Modatelas, orchestrated a successful work plan to distribute the equipment in the branches and proceed with the implementation process. “This level of commitment on the part of the Modatelas team of managers was one of the key factors that allowed us to successfully conclude this project,” Ravell emphasized.

In addition to the logistical challenges and implementation time, an additional challenge was that the new Hillstone equipment could work efficiently in Modatelas branches where weather conditions were extreme. “With the previous devices there was a problem in the branches where it was very hot, they were basically throwing up all kinds of alerts, so they were becoming a problem for the company. In addition, the RMA process took three weeks in the central part of the country and up to three months in the more distant states, a situation that made it unsustainable to continue operating,” added the executive.


To date, Modatelas has had no failures with the Hillstone equipment that was implemented. The business maintains continuity of operations and excellent levels of service to its customers throughout the country.

“From the beginning we had considered having additional equipment in the branches where we had experienced failures due to overheating, but with Hillstone we have not had the need to run the backup equipment, everything has worked perfectly in all branches,” commented Ravell.

Currently, the management of the cybersecurity infrastructure has become easier, now the Modatelas team can create a cybersecurity rule and apply it to all devices in a few minutes. Also, the support service has improved, with the previous brand, the response time for a ticket took a week, with all that implies to have a failure in a device; now with Hillstone the response time is hours.

Manuel Acosta, General Director of Hillstone Networks Mexico, pointed out that the project represented great logistical, technological and commercial challenges, however, the local Hillstone team did an excellent job with Buró MC, managing to exceed the client’s expectations.

“The synergy we were able to build with Modatelas, and which allowed us to meet the demands of the project, was possible thanks to our comprehensive vision of cybersecurity focused on specialization, flexibility, adaptability and close communication with our clients.Our experience of almost two decades in the corporate sector designing robust technological ecosystems, has allowed us to be very agile in implementation and response times. The successful deployment of this type of projects derives from working with important IT brands, coupled with a service culture that is totally sensitive to the crucial operations of each of our clients,” added Elías Cedillo Hernández, General Director of Buró Mexicano de Consultores en Seguridad Informática.

With the result obtained, Modatelas is already preparing new hyperconverged platform projects where it is already planning to protect the infrastructure with Hillstone Networks equipment.

About Grupo Modatelas

Grupo Modatelas is a Mexican company focused on the commercialization of fabrics, haberdashery and products related to the manufacture of garments.It has more than 32 years of presence in the Mexican market, 345 branches distributed nationwide and stores in Guatemala and Honduras.

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