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AI-Driven XDR Solution

Hillstone iSource

A More Efficient Security Operation that Delivers Intelligence, Simplicity and Peace of Mind

Hillstone iSource is a data-driven, AI-powered extended detection and response (XDR) platform that integrates massive security data, correlates and investigates incidents, identifies potential threats, and automatically orchestrates security to respond cohesively across multiple security products and platforms. iSource brings a radical new approach to cybersecurity with unrivaled security operation efficiency.

Hillstone Networks XDR Solution iSource

Hillstone XDR Value Proposition

Unified Data Collection from Multiple Security Products with Full Visibility

Hillstone XDR collects a wide variety of data from almost any source across cloud, network, and endpoints, and standardizes and integrates it, breaking down security information silos and greatly reducing blind spots while improving detection accuracy.

Advanced ML-driven Analytics and Detection

By synergizing the data collected across the multiple security products with top threat intelligence sources, Hillstone XDR can discover even stealthy and evasive threats, and attribute the attacks. Its behavior analytics and correlation analysis engines provide context-aware and highly accurate detection of anomalous activities.

Comprehensive Vulnerability and Risk Management

Hillstone XDR leverages the industry’s leading vulnerability assessment solution and supports adding other scanners as well as manual import of vulnerability reports. Comprehensive risk management for servers, endpoints, applications, and other assets identifies and mitigates potential exposures to threats.

Automated Security Orchestration and Cohesive Response

When a threat or vulnerability is detected, iSource can automatically orchestrate a response across Hillstone security devices and certain third-party products. Built-in playbooks provide the best optimized workflows and responses, while custom playbooks can be defined to meet different requirements. Manual tasks, such as incident cases to be further investigated by security analysts, can also be created automatically by defining them in playbooks.

Unified Management and Reporting with Intuitive and Customizable Console

The customizable dashboard allows simple and rapid access to the organization’s security posture with comprehensive statistical information, as well as incident summarization and security trends with graphical charts and lists. Customizable reports can be generated on schedule or on demand.

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