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Hillstone  Live Webinar

Hillstone Networks Unveils CloudArmour to Secure Enterprise Cloud Workloads

As workloads expand from traditional physical appliance-based or virtual machine-based to the modern container-based or serverless in public, private, hybrid, and even multi-cloud environments, security protection and risk management on cloud platforms must now span development and runtime. CloudArmour, the intelligent Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP) from Hillstone, displays every nook and cranny of the cloud, comprehends the interactions of all assets, and controls this expansive threat surface by segmenting, detecting threats, and monitoring runtime behavior. CloudArmour helps enterprises embrace a cyber-resilient cloud security infrastructure.

Join our CloudArmour inauguration webinar to learn how Hillstone CloudArmour provides:

  • Unified workload monitoring and real-time assets management via Insight, its centralized dashboard.
  • Industry-leading micro-segmentation and patented traffic steering technology to minimize the threat attack surface.
  • Intelligent threat detection and prevention, along with runtime protection, to secure all cloud workloads through and through.
  • Complete vulnerability management across the entire application lifecycle.
  • Compliance standard assessment, recommendation, and enforcement.

CloudArmour is Hillstone’s pinnacle of Visionary technology merged with Peer-Insight worthy operations to help security teams embrace cyber-resiliency. Register now to save your spot, and save your cloud workloads. See you there!

April 27, GMT-5 (US Central Time)
10:00 AM

April 28, GMT+8 (Singapore)
11:00 AM

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