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Hillstone  Live Webinar

Farewell 2021, Welcome 2022: See, Understand, and Act with Hillstone Networks

2021 has not only been filled with shifts back to the norm post-pandemic, it’s been filled with innovative ways to tackle dynamic cybersecurity challenges. What does Hillstone Networks believe 2022 holds in store for us?

 We here at Hillstone Networks cordially invite you to SEE Hillstone Networks from a fresh perspective, UNDERSTAND Hillstone Networks more thoroughly, and interACT with us through our extended open-floor Q&A segment.

 During this webinar, we’ll be:

  • Reviewing key highlights of 2021 and providing insights into how we achieved said milestones.
  • Sharing key trends we believe will carry over into 2022.
  • Opening an extended Q&A discussion portion

As this will be the final webinar of 2021, we Ho-Ho-Hope to see you there!

Dec 15, GMT-5 (Eastern Time)

10:00 AM

Dec 16, GMT+8 (Singapore)


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